Energy & Industry

War of the words
War of the words
New oil and gas ‘codebook’ aims to help the public muddle through the fracking debate
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Tremors in Colorado and New Mexico linked to coalbed methane extraction.
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Review of “Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West” by Sarah Alisabeth Fox.
All aboard the coal train
It's headed for Montana.
This'll buoy your day
The potential ecological impacts of marine and aquatic energy
Thumbs up for Wyo's wind tax
It could put wind on par with fossil fuels in the nation's energy colony
Mules making a comeback
Amish farmers and U.S. military find them useful
Booms, Busts, and B.S.
Politicians pass the buck, and life in Western Colorado goes on.
Cross(border) winds
Cross(border) winds
Facing tough opposition in the Southern California desert, companies look to build renewable energy plants in Mexico.
Native Farmers and Ranchers
USDA publishes data on Indigenous Americans involved in agriculture for the first time!
Beanstalk 2013
A Portland skyscraper will host a living garden down its side.
Green energy isn't always popular
Local opposition to solar and geothermal proposals
Is this the nuclear renaissance?
Utah town debates a nuclear power plant.