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Silverton’s Gold King reckoning
Silverton’s Gold King reckoning
How the Animas River disaster forced Silverton to face its pollution problem — and its destiny.
Latest: Peer-reviewed study undermines fracking’s claims of safety
Latest: Peer-reviewed study undermines fracking’s claims of safety
Researchers in Pavillion, Wyoming, traced the chemical footprint of the drilling.
A millennial mayor and his timber town
A millennial mayor and his timber town
This young local is trying to transform Aberdeen, Washington, into a city for his generation.
New Indian Energy Policy Draft Rewrites Bush-era Law
And sings the sovereignty tune.
Coal-to-liquids plant founders
As the Crow Reservation suffers floods, a planned energy project sinks away
Will genetically modified salmon be labelled?
Feds don't require it, but states are considering stricter regulations
Uranium cleanup begins on Navajo Nation
EPA finally starts removing a radioactive mess
Eminent domain expands
Montana gives corporations the power to condemn private land.
Biomass energy production in the Interior West
Politicians’ push development; citizens and economists are not so sure
Mountain of ... bluster
The decision to choose Yucca Mountain in the first place was political too, ya know
Should oil refiners disclose more health and safety info?
Workers stand up to Tesoro and others
Wind farms test efforts to cooperate on Oregon's Steens Mountain
Wind farms test efforts to cooperate on Oregon's Steens Mountain
Legislation protecting the mountain fails to prevent energy development proposals.
Steens Mountain wind farms
Steens Mountain wind farms
Columbia Energy Partners plans to build four 104-MW wind farms with 40 to 60 turbines each on Steens Mountain. East and West Ridge will be on private land inside the protected area boundaries, Echanis on private land just outside the protected area and Riddle Mountain on state land.
Cuts to energy, transportation and the environment
Moving Washington beyond coal
What does a coal-free future look like?
Clearing the way for renewables
BLM gives wind, solar a break from obstructive mining claims
Sucking up gold
California and Oregon try to control suction dredge mining in rivers.
American Indians suffer from high gas prices
Remoteness of many reservations leads to a reliance on fossil fuels
Rare-earth reality check
Rare-earth reality check
Suddenly, everyone is eyeing the West's rare-earth deposits, but mining and processing the metals will not be easy.
Sustainable ag education loses funding
Budget bill eliminates ATTRA program
Time is running out for the Grand Canyon
Uranium mining moratorium ends soon
Rare earth deposits in the West
Jobs vs. the environment?
A solar panel factory in Phoenix seems like (mostly) good news.