Hope in an unstable climate
Hope in an unstable climate
Drought and fire drives a family from their dream town.
2017 in natural disasters
2017 in natural disasters
From massive wildfires to melting ice, the calamities that affected the West this year.
In the Southwest, a sustainable breed of cattle
In the Southwest, a sustainable breed of cattle
The criollo cow can thrive in hot, dry conditions that are difficult for other breeds.
TBD stands for...
...Texas Billionaire Developer.
"Bacterial Economics"
Microbes studied as rainmakers.
Notes from the (water) underground
Research hydrologist Gordon Grant is fascinated by the groundwater in the Pacific Northwest.
Ultimate solution?
Southern California wants to use desalination to increase its water supply, but critics think the idea needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
Liquid assets
California is enthusiastic about creating “water banks” to help the state’s cities weather future droughts.
Fire, fire everywhere
Despite the growing threat of Western wildfire, most of us are still pretending it will go away if we just ignore it.
Las Vegas offers rural Nevada the dry end of the straw
Four valleys down, one to go in Las Vegas's bid for rural groundwater.
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The Chaparralian
The Chaparralian
Richard Halsey says Southern California’s chaparral is not to blame for the fires that scorch the region every year.