Colorado’s snow is dust-free for the first time in a decade
Colorado’s snow is dust-free for the first time in a decade
But conditions are still prime for early snowmelt and summer drought.
The dust detectives
The dust detectives
Scientists are closer than ever to understanding how microscopic airborne particles shape the Earth, and the West.
A fix for the desert tortoise
A fix for the desert tortoise
Prolific pets continue to threaten their wild cousins.
Rants from the Hill: Desert Insomnia
Rants from the Hill: Desert Insomnia
Living the not-so-quiet life in the rural West.
A plan for California desert conservation comes online
A plan for California desert conservation comes online
Will it stop more solar and wind projects from being built in the wrong places?
Joshua trees may be migrating north in response to climate change
Discovery: Good ol' tallgrass was formed by good ol' bacteria
Secret getaways of the National Landscape Conservation System
Secret getaways of the National Landscape Conservation System
A desert hiker finds a lot to like in little-known Bureau of Land Management gems.
Walking on a Wire
Los Angeles needs green power, but some environmentalists are up in arms over plans to build transmission lines across the Mojave Desert.
Lines in the sand
The essays in Gary Paul Nabhan’s Arab/American celebrate the landscape, culture and cuisine of two great deserts: The Middle Eastern lands from which his ancestors came and the Sonoran Desert he now lives in.
The Weed-wackers
Botanist Sue Rutman has had surprising success just yanking up buffelgrass, but herbicides remain the first line of defense
Have golf's glory days gone by?
Golf – the game that brought grass to the desert – appears to have hit a rough patch in the West
The Lure of the Lawn
It’s not easy to wean Westerners away from their lush, traditional, turfgrass lawns, but with drought an increasing fact of life, Xeriscape gardening is finally catching on
How a tiny owl changed Tucson
The cactus ferruginous pygmy owl has been removed from the endangered species list, but Tucson area leaders say they plan to continue the desert conservation efforts put in place to help the very rare bird
Saving water from the sky
In Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Tucson author Brad Lancaster gives a hands-on inspirational guide for how to harvest the desert Southwest’s rare moisture
Illegal border crossers face a dangerous journey filled with heat, dust, flies and thirst, and always the danger of capture and deportation
Ode to a very hot spot
Live! From Death Valley is John Soennichsen’s "love letter to an ill-tempered mistress," California’s Death Valley
A very brief conversation with a Jet Fighter
A long solitary hike through an empty, pristine desert is interrupted by a close encounter with an F-16 fighter plane
Alien grasses are finding new homes in Arizona
The writer speaks up for alien grasses that spread fire through the desert
Head games in the hot, hot desert
In The Way Out, Craig Childs tells the true story of how he and a friend explored a Utah desert and, at the same time, journeyed through their own memories
In the nation's most dangerous park, the desert's heat still beats
In Organ Pipe: Life on the Edge, Carol Ann Bassett pays homage to Organ Pipe National Monument and the strange beauty of the desert
The allure of the gnarled
It took a while, but the writer eventually came to see the strange, harsh beauty of the gnarled old pinon and juniper trees in Canyon Country
Trees can be just another sacred cow
Only God can make a tree, but anyone can ruin a prairie.