Climate Change

Latest: NASA determines methane hotspot is from natural gas production
How the Park Service is planning for climate change
How the Park Service is planning for climate change
The agency is forging ahead despite meager help from Congress.
What climate change is doing to the parks
What climate change is doing to the parks
A sample of the shifts already underway due to a warming climate.
Topsy turvy weather may be a sign of worse to come
The writer goes camping and finds topsy turvy weather
Outgrowing the Earth: The Food Security Challenge in an Age of Falling Water Tables and Rising Temperatures
In Outgrowing the Earth, environmental prophet Lester Brown writes a frightening nonfiction disaster thriller about the problems facing the planet
Seattle’s mayor leads the nation on global warming
The writer says Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is modest but also fierce when it comes to combating global warming
This mayor sees a different shade of green
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make his city environmentally sustainable
Buying used gets him enthused
The writer hunts for recycled bargains and revels in the chase
Why should the Arctic Refuge matter to the ski industry?
The writer, who runs the Aspen Skiing Company, worries about global climate change — a lot
Spring comes grudgingly to Wyoming’s high desert
The writer sees signs of spring as it grudgingly comes to Wyoming
Climate model may help farmers know what to grow
A high-tech climate model will give farmers in Washington’s Yakima Valley a kind of crystal ball for predicting weather, choosing which crops to plant, and dealing with drought and global warming
On the trail of global warming
This winter’s weird weather has everybody talking, but nobody wants to tackle the big question: Is global warming finally hitting the West?
What happened to winter?
An unusual winter sends ripples through the West's water and wildlife systems, and leaves scientists wondering whether global warming is the cause.
The writer welcomes the end of a claustrophobic winter outside of Boise, Idaho
The secret of Wyoming winters is the snow-eating chinook
The writer explains what makes Wyoming winters different
Those who choose risk should bear the cost
The writer looks at buildings sliding down a hill and says, 'No more.'
Where did the Northwest’s moisture go?
The writer is used to anything but an unseasonably dry Northwest
California's farmers ditch dirty diesel pumps
California’s two largest utility companies are encouraging farmers to switch from polluting diesel irrigation pumps to electric ones
Global warming brings a clash of civilizations
The writers call global warming the one issue we can’t afford to duck
Glaciers offer a glimpse of the distant past
Like tree rings, ice cores create a record of the climate of the past, and the National Ice Core Laboratory in Denver houses the largest collection of polar ice cores in the world
Tree rings reveal a fiery past — and future
Tree-ring scientists Tom Swetnam and Julio Betancourt study past climatic conditions seeking clues to better forest management
Who'll stop the rain?
January may have brought rain and snow to parts of the West, but the study of past climates warns us that we still have to learn to live with drought
Written in the Rings
The study of tree rings opens a window into the West’s distant past, and warns us that the region’s future may be dangerously hot and dry