Climate Change

NASA finds methane hot spot over Four Corners
NASA finds methane hot spot over Four Corners
The culprit is the extensive fossil fuel industry infrastructure, not just fracking or coal mines.
The walrus detectives
The walrus detectives
What's behind the Alaska walrus haul-outs? Everyone's calling climate change, but the truth is, we don't know.
Climate change found to have spurred worldwide heatwaves
Climate change found to have spurred worldwide heatwaves
But floods and droughts have less certain links to planetary warming.
Waste goes west
A Massachusetts sewage treatment plant pays a Utah landfill to reserve space for its sludge.
State of Idaho wants to lead the cleanup drive at Triumph
State struggles to find money to pay for the tailings cleanup at Triumph, Idaho.
Triumph: A great place to grow kids and fish
Profile of Triumph, an Idaho town that could be declared a Superfund site by the EPA.
Rural Colorado county says it is being dumped on
An advocacy group charges that a Waste Management landfill is contaminating their water supply.
Triumph, Idaho, to EPA: Get Out
Locals balk at EPA's plan to declare Triumph, Idaho, a Superfund site due to mining waste.
Testing for toxics
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare report on arsenic and lead levels in blood samples of Triumph residents suggests no need for concern.
The blurring of the West
Governors of eight Western states begin work on a strategy to protect the region's world-class air before it's too late.
Floods fade, fires feared
Current floods don't signal an end to the West's drought.
How L-P soiled the air and itself
Louisiana-Pacific is fined $11.1 million for violating the Clean Air Act.
The Northwest turns wet again
The Northwest emerges from a severe drought.