What the last eclipse tells us about the 19th-century West
What the last eclipse tells us about the 19th-century West
A new book by a self-proclaimed umbraphile tells the story of a West in shadow.
The meaning behind the stones of Big Sur
The meaning behind the stones of Big Sur
Spanning eras, coastal rocks inspire a poet and photographer.
Why we should celebrate unlovely fish
Why we should celebrate unlovely fish
An angler documents his pursuit of the uglier species.
Elevating mud to art
Adobe Journal reviewed.
Noisy wildlife refuges
Military overflights affect refuge animals, study shows.
Green scientists get-together
The 1994 Public Interest Science Conference planned.
Missile chaos
Missile test flights to White Sands, N.M., could have significant land-use impacts, draft EIS shows.
For green writers
Charting the Environmental Journalism Frontier conference planned.
A natural vacation
Unused fire lookouts in forests open to vacationers.
Fast food at fault
Waste from french fry production pollutes wells with nitrates, report says.
New plans for Yellowstone
Management plan for Yellowstone National Park released.
Roxborough friends fight for park
Colorado's Roxborough state park threatened by development.
Wet and wild symposium
Water, Wet & Wild: Flowing into the 21st Century symposium planned.
Workers need protection
Government study says nuclear cleanup workers' health and safety neglected.
Symposium won't be dry
Rivers at the Crossroads: Law, Science, Politics and People symposium planned.
Back to the sun
The New Mexico Home Solar, A Source Book by Ingrid Kelley reviewed.
From driveways to watersheds
Booklet Protecting Our Water Resources aims to reduce Truckee River pollution.
E-Mail for the rural West
Computer bulletin board service focuses on rural West.
Reclaiming high places
High Altitude Revegetation workshop planned.
Forcing the spring
Forcing the Spring by Robert Gottlieb looks at devleopment of natural and human environmental movements.
No change on the range
Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist In Alaska and the American West. Essays by Philip Fradkin reviewed.
Work for (a) change
Review of Making a Change: A Student Guide to Social Change Internships in the Northern Rockies.
Cow stomp and more
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to sponsor conference for anti-grazing activists.