West Obsessed: Where climate adaptation is happening
West Obsessed: Where climate adaptation is happening
The president may think climate change is a hoax, but communities across the West are facing reality.
West Obsessed: The battle over solar energy
West Obsessed: The battle over solar energy
High Country News delves into a win for Nevada’s solar customers and what it means for the grid.
West Obsessed: On dams and the rebirth of the Elwha
West Obsessed: On dams and the rebirth of the Elwha
A deep dive into a dismantled dam — and another in the planning stages.
Audio: Soule on Wolves
Audio: Soule on Wolves
A conversation between Michelle Nijhuis and conservation biologist Michael Soule.
Audio: Water wonk
Audio: Water wonk
Contributing editor Matt Jenkins talks about California's Westlands Water District and the complicated water politics of the West.
Deconstructing dueling claims
Deconstructing dueling claims
Writer Laura Paskus talks about the battle over New Mexico's Mount Taylor.
Audio: The joy of CX
Assistant editor Sarah Gilman explains why we should care about categorical exclusions.
Audio: Big threats to small ecosystems
Freelance science writer Madeleine Nash talks to Marty Durlin about the vulnerable springs of the Great Basin, and the threats they face from invasive species and the Southern Nevada Water Authority.
Audio: Where the buffalo roam
Freelance writer Josh Zaffos talks about his trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation and what he learned about how tribal members are reclaiming their property and their traditions.
Having your cake and eating it, too
Gary Paul Nabhan chats with HCN Assistant Editor Marty Durlin about working landscapes in National Parks
Off the deep end?
Listen to Aaron Million talk about his Wyoming to Colorado pipeline dreams.
Learning to live with fewer watts
Fred Logg's small solar system powers some lights, his laptop and a small refrigerator -- but the energy source has its limitations.
Scratching the savage itch
Craig Childs talks about his encounter with the wild world of professional bull-riding in an audio interview with Marty Durlin.
Jim Harvey vs. Big Solar
A Harley-riding desert activist talks about saving the Mojave ecosystem
Wind River revelations
Lisa Jones talks about Northern Arapaho horse whisperer and healer Stanford Addison, the subject of her book, Broken.
A passion to protect
In this audio interview, Glo Cunningham talks about why she came to the ski town of Crested Butte, Colo., 34 years ago and what has sustained her fight to preserve its mountains and water.
Woman on the water
Heather Wylie talks about taking on the feds and floating the L.A. River.
Finding a nuclear waste dump
Judith Lewis speaks with HCN's Marty Durlin about the search for a nuclear waste dump and her latest article, Mountain of Doubt.
Audio: A BLM insider speaks
Audio: A BLM insider speaks
A former national recreation director talks about the pressures on government employees during the Bush administration.
Audio: Researching Rexburg
Ray Ring talks about his foray into Idaho's Mormon college community.
Audio: A conversation with Alexandra Fuller
Listen to an exclusive, web-only interview with author Alexandra Fuller.