Timeline: A brief history of the Sagebrush Rebellion
Timeline: A brief history of the Sagebrush Rebellion
An interactive, year-by-year look at the current insurgency.
In Montana, houses are replacing farmland
In Montana, houses are replacing farmland
Can lessons from Vermont keep local agriculture alive?
Cliven Bundy walks for involvement in 2014 standoff
Cliven Bundy walks for involvement in 2014 standoff
Judge dismisses case for ‘flagrant misconduct’ after prosecutors and FBI withheld evidence.
Thumbs up for Wyo's wind tax
It could put wind on par with fossil fuels in the nation's energy colony
A change is gonna come
Corporations take heed of "local."
The cost of progress
Five extraordinary women tested for seventy-five peculiar toxins.
Organic farmers?
"Bacterial Economics"
Microbes studied as rainmakers.
Understanding agriculture...and farmers too!
From farm income to carbon sequestration.
Out in the cold
When Julene Bair sold the family farm, she severed her lifelong connections with a sense of place and her own childhood.
Field Day
In some Western states, including Colorado, prison inmates are taking the place of immigrant farmworkers.
Agricultural water pollution on the line
Bush Administration tries again to work around Clean Water Act.
Left in the lurch
Left in the lurch
The recent expiration of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act has left western Oregon counties without funds.
set categories
Climate cash-in
Western farmers and ranchers using progressive land-management techniques can make a few bucks from the new carbon market – but some critics say it won’t lead to any real reduction in carbon emissions.
Coffee with the ladies
Rancher Mary Flitner visits with some female bovine friends before going off to have coffee with the human ladies of Shell, Wyo.
The ugly economy of killing wildlife
Lisa Upson and Wendy Keefover-Ring believe that Wildlife Services’ predator control program is ugly, ineffective, inhumane and indiscriminate.
Predator control looks a lot different on the ground
Bonnie Kline says Wildlife Services, the federal agency in charge of predator control, helps keep rural economies alive.
Plowing under the fields of shame
Rebecca Clarren talks to migrant farmworker women about a threat they face every day in the fields: sexual harassment and assault by coworkers and bosses.
Rebels with a Lost Cause
The fiercely conservative lawyers of the Sagebrush Rebellion continue to fight against environmental regulations, but despite all their sound and fury, very little has changed on the public lands.
The case for filet of filly
Americans may be sentimental about their horses, but slaughtering unwanted animals with poison is more cruel and a lot less sensible than using them for horsemeat.
A quest for the world’s finest pinot noir
Brian Doyle’s new book, The Grail, lives up to its lively subtitle as it describes “a year ambling and shambling through an Oregon vineyard in pursuit of the best pinot noir in the whole wild world.”
Against the current
For a long time, the West used water as if the supply were endless, but nowadays environmentalists are finding that too much efficiency causes problems of its own, especially in fragile ecosystems like the Colorado River Delta.