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  • A bad idea hits the gas pumps

    Dustin Heron Urban resolves never to put ethanol-spiked gasoline into his Prius again.

  • Running the gantlet of Homeland Security

    Ross Putnam runs afoul of Homeland Security at the Albuquerque Airport.

  • Here come the wolves

    The writer totes up the pluses and minuses of wolves returning to Colorado and Utah

  • Bumper stickers and the politics of rage

    The writer removes a bumper sticker after receiving too many threats

  • Once burned, twice shy

    The writer says forest restoration takes a backseat to logging in both Montana and Oregon

  • Sometimes a policy is just words

    The writer calls the Bush administration duplicitous for abdicating its responsibility to cherish the nation’s remaining roadless areas

  • Watching cowboy movies with Indians

    The writer watches cowboy movies with Indians while visiting the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, and finds a revelation along with the myth

  • The return of the Colorado River — almost

    The writer finds a newly emerged rapid on the Colorado River and a new reality at Lake Powell, revealed by drought

  • Why would a federal agency trash its libraries?

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s quiet efforts to dismantle its own technical libraries are likely to hamstring scientific research – and freedom of thought – across the nation, Jeff Ruch warns.

  • Too much can be asked of a river

    Laura Paskus lives a mile and a half from the Rio Grande, a river which shares a dubious distinction with India’s Ganges and China’s Yangze: The three are among the Top Ten most endangered rivers on the planet.

  • When wealthy landowners and locals collide

    Jack Wright thinks Montanans are over-reacting to stream-access issues; after all, from the point of view of a fish, it’s a good thing when a rich man restores a stream, even if he locks out trespassers.

  • Grassroots activists battle a national environmental group

    When national Trout Unlimited tried to get its Montana branch to stay out of state stream-access issues, the Montanans rebelled dramatically, much to Pat Munday’s delight.

  • An octopus wants to eat the West

    Pepper Trail says a proposed energy corridor for the region will chew up huge amounts of public and private land: Comments are due by Feb. 14.

  • Hunter to NRA: It’s the habitat, stupid

    The writer blasts the National Rifle Association for neglecting its mission and hawking falsehoods about the Sierra Club

  • Fees and our forests don’t always fit

    A Republican senator criticizes recreation fees that charge for simple access to publicly owned lands

  • A Colorado corporation throws its weight around in Montana

    The writer attacks a mining company for bankrolling a ballot initiative in Montana that would allow cyanide heap-leach mining to resume

  • Just push it

    The writer lauds the human-powered lawn mower

  • When does our garbage become archaeology?

    The writer explores garbage on public lands and wonders what makes some of it archaeological treasures

  • One significant step toward reining in those pesky all-terrain vehicles

    The writer says that at last, the Forest Service seeks to curtail off-road vehicles on all 155 national forests

  • Down but not out in Missoula, Montana

    Kathryn Socie works two jobs and still can’t afford to buy a house in Missoula, but she believes that her life in Montana is well worth the sacrifice it takes.

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