High Country News - Wildlife

Woodlot owners at risk
Landowners risk being taken advantage of by unscrupulous private loggers.
It ain't Antioch
Lance Craighead studies grizzly mating habits in Alaska.
Free-range ferrets
Black-footed ferrets may soon be returned to Colorado's Moffat County and Utah's Uintah County.
Watch for fish-friendly foods
The Pacific River Canal's new "Salmon-Safe" program labels agricultural products that don't harm salmon.
Just don't do it
A logging company defies a request from the Oregon State Forestry Department that loggers voluntarily stop clear-cutting slide-prone slopes above highways and homes.
Wolves will be wolves
Wyoming produces a draft wolf-management plan allowing for six wolf packs to move outside Yellowstone's boundaries.
Spotting lawless logging
The report, "Logging Without Laws: A Report on the Timber Salvage Rider of the 104th Congress," is available from the Alliance for the Wild Rockies.
The importance of prairie dogs
The Predator Project's report, "Conserving Prairie Dog Ecosystems on the Northern Plains," defends the much-maligned rodent's importance.
A summer of smoke and ashes
Marines and Army soldiers help firefighters in the most intense fire season since 1969.
Utahns roar over lion hunt
The Utah Wildlife Board greatly increases the number of mountain lions hunters are allowed to kill.
Do cows become the Prescott?
A Wilderness Society lawsuit charges that the Forest Service violated the law by allowing grazing in the Prescott National Forest without considering whether the forest could handle it.
Bear with us
Review of "Bear Aware: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country" by Bill Schneider.
Get your ash off our mountain
The Forest Service prohibits scattering human ashes on its land - and Native Americans object, too - but the remains keep appearing.
Cove-Mallard warms up for another summer
As the Forest Service gets a court OK to resume logging in Idaho's Cove-Mallard, activists resume protesting and getting arrested.
San Luis heats up again
As the logging of the Taylor Ranch resumes, protests flare up in the local community of San Luis, Colo.
Coalition says: Stop logging watersheds
The Oregon Natural Resources Council leads a coalition in asking the Forest Service to end all logging of municipal watersheds in the Northwest.
Wolf pups proliferate
Yellowstone's reintroduced wolves are thriving - and reproducing - in the park.
Condors soar once more over the Southwest
Fifteen California condors have been released in Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs, 70 years after the last one had been seen in the region.
The roads less funded
A bill before Congress would end funding for new logging roads in national forests.
Tell it to the judge
Ninety-five species of Southwestern wildlife, proposed over a year ago for listing as endangered, still have not been evaluated.