High Country News - Most Recent

Wilderness Walks
The Montana Wilderness Association will lead hikes on public lands during its 36th annual Wilderness Walks program from May to September.
No nuclear jeopardy in Wyoming
The Wyoming Outdoor Council's new report, "Nuclear Jeopardy," says a proposed private nuclear waste dump in central Wyoming is a bad idea.
Program gets a C
The federal program, "Jobs in the Woods," intended to retrain timber workers in the Northwest, may have helped some workers, but the Klamath Forest Alliance says the program allows politics rather than science to decide what projects are undertaken.
New in the watershed
The Western Ancient Forest Campaign sets up a new office in Nevada City, Calif.
Buffering buffalo
A draft report from the National Academy of Sciences confirms that 30-40 percent of Yellowstone bison test positive for brucellosis but concludes that the risk of them infecting cattle is almost nonexistent.
Real summertime
A review of John Alcock's book, Sonoran Desert Summer.
Ferrets to find new homes
Park Service approves release of black-footed ferret in Badlands National Park.
Eating the scenery
Oregon economics consulting firm issues report, Transitions: New Incentives for Rural Communities.
Pesticides linger in Northwest
Report finds groundwater contamination by pesticides in the Northwest.
Colorado water map
Colorado water education forum provides maps and information.
Idaho wilderness bill fails
Idaho wilderness bill is shelved.
Agency cuts timber cut
Timber cut is scaled down by 25 percent.
Restoring the Rio Grande
Rio Grande restoration seeks to increase water flows in river.
Wetlands program wasn't
Study shows that mitigation projects in Oregon destroyed more wetlands than they created.
Teaming up
The recently created Henry's Fork Watershed Council unites two groups that were former adversaries.
Tourists welcome, sort of
Representatives from 15 tribes gather to discuss impacts of tourism.