High Country News - Most Recent

1998 Southwest Earth Studies Program
College students are invited to apply to the 1998 Southwest Earth Studies Program at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo.
Club 20
Club 20 will holds its 46th annual meeting March 6-7 in Grand Junction, Colo.
Backyard birds
"Colorado's Wildlife Company," a report from the state Division of Wildlife, offers information for backyard birders.
Tribes and a university improve ties
Washington State University sets up an advisory board to cooperate on education and research issues with 10 Northwestern tribes.
Learning sustainable technology
The nonprofit Solar Energy International offers courses in water, wind and solar power.
Colorado BLM going wild?
The BLM announces that an additional 167,000 acres of western Colorado's roadless public lands are eligible for wilderness status.
Protecting raptors
A report called "Raptors and Climbers" by Kathryn Pyke of the Access Fund offers suggestions on protecting cliff-nesting raptors without banning rock climbing.
Green jeans in Eugene
The 16th Annual Public Interest Law Conference: "Activists and Advocates Demanding Accountability" scheduled for March 5-8 in Eugene, Ore.
Feds ready to get WIPPed
The controversial Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, N.M., is scheduled to open to store nuclear waste this spring.
Motorheads lose one
The Forest Service restricts some of the access off-road vehicles have to Idaho's Targhee National Forest.
'Ghost roads' haunt forests
Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck says there are over 60,000 miles of unmapped "ghost roads" in national forests.
Shooting down high-tech hunting
The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission restricts some high-tech hunting tools and tactics - although not as many as hunter and activist Allen Weinert recommended.
The Wayward West
Canada lynx listed; Wayne Taylor Jr. ew Hopi chairman; John Mumma stays with Colo. Div. of Wildlife; Yellowstone's top law officer, Dan Sholly, transferred; judge rejects landfill next to Joshua Tree Nat. Park, Calif.; cows barred from Utah's Comb Wash.
Scat dogs earn their keep
Scientist Sam Wasser has trained dogs to sniff out bear and wolf droppings in the wild, so the scat can be analyzed to find how many animals live in an area and where their prime habitat is.
A scarlet "A' for ASARCO?
ASARCO's plans to mine copper in Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains have been put on hold.
7th Annual Land Use Continuing Education Conference
The 7th annual "Land Use Continuing Education Conference" is held March 12-13 in Denver, Colo.
From orchards to Philadelphia
The "Baseline Scenario" study warns that Utahns in the growing Salt Lake City area need to start managing growth now.
BirdSource Great "98 Backyard Bird Count
National Audubon Society and Cornell University are sponsoring the BirdSource Great "98 Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 20-22.
Mesa County Water Association
Mesa County Water Association holds its fifth annual water course Feb. 17 and 25 and March 3 in Grand Junction, Colo.
7th annual Winter Fishtrap Gathering
The 7th annual Winter Fishtrap Gathering is held Feb. 20-22 at Wallowa Lake, Ore.