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Get your ash off our mountain
The Forest Service prohibits scattering human ashes on its land - and Native Americans object, too - but the remains keep appearing.
Hanford workers point the finger
Four workers at the Hanford, Wash., plutonium reclamation facility say they are still suffering health problems after a May 14 accident at the facility.
Cove-Mallard warms up for another summer
As the Forest Service gets a court OK to resume logging in Idaho's Cove-Mallard, activists resume protesting and getting arrested.
Weighing in on mining rules
Mining supporters outnumber environmentalists at a series of meetings held in the West by the BLM to consider possible changes in BLM mining regulations.
San Luis heats up again
As the logging of the Taylor Ranch resumes, protests flare up in the local community of San Luis, Colo.
Coalition says: Stop logging watersheds
The Oregon Natural Resources Council leads a coalition in asking the Forest Service to end all logging of municipal watersheds in the Northwest.
Petroglyphs and pavement collide
N.M. Sen. Pete Domenici and Indian leaders are in a stand-off over road building in Petroglyph National Monument.
Republican riders toppled
Republicans in Congress give up on extra riders - including some anti-environmental riders - that were bogging down the flood-relief bill.
Wolf pups proliferate
Yellowstone's reintroduced wolves are thriving - and reproducing - in the park.
Rising From Tradition
The work of nine Native American artists from Idaho, Oregon and Washington will be on display at the High Desert Museum, titled "Rising From Tradition: Contemporary Native Art from the Plateau."
Summer Wilderness Conference
A double celebration, Wilderness Watch's Summer Wilderness Conference and the annual gathering of the Association of Literature and the Environment converge on Missoula, Mont., July 17-20.
Solstice Institute
The nonprofit Solstice Institute holds a first-day-of-summer celebration June 21 in Boulder, Colo.
Threatened Rivers
Five of the 10 most endangered rivers are in the West, according to American Rivers' annual report.
The road to no sprawl
Colorado Commons and its new quarterly of the same name seek to be a voice for sane, environmentally sound planning in the state.
Who'll run Hanford Reach?
Washington Sen. Patty Murray wants to keep the free-flowing, undammed Hanford Reach - the last stretch of the Columbia - free-flowing under federal management.
Condors soar once more over the Southwest
Fifteen California condors have been released in Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs, 70 years after the last one had been seen in the region.
The roads less funded
A bill before Congress would end funding for new logging roads in national forests.
Forester retreats on grazing rules
Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere, under pressure from Idaho's congressional delegation, withdraws his controversial grazing rules.