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  • Justice in Nevada

    The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 helps nab a pot hunter.

  • FAA limits canyon flights, yet again

    The FAA agrees to strictly enforce flight-free zones over the Grand Canyon.

  • Action in Idaho

    Four species of Snake River snails and a limpets are now under Endangered Species Act Protection.

  • Wyomingites shoot to kill M-44s

    An Animal Damage Control plan to use M-44s to poison animals is under fire in Wyoming.

  • Washington rancher spurns subdividers

    A rancher decides to preserve land by selling it to the Bureau of Land Management rather than selling out to developers.

  • Hikers are fenced out of wilderness

    A housing development blocks access to Arizona's Coronado National Forest.

  • Storms sweep West

    The National Weather Service reports that precipitation is above normal in Utah and Arizona.

  • How many bears?

    A Colorado Division of Wildlife study will count black bears on Black Mesa.

  • Colorado mining industry strikes again

    According to th EPA, bonds from the Summitville Consolidated Mining Co. don't cover hazardous waste cleanup costs.

  • Critics say agency is eating its young

    Transfers among Forest Service employees from several Idaho national forests are political, employees say.

  • Can Bruce Babbitt make Interior hum?

    Bruce Babbitt will manage a fragmented and dysfunctional Department of the Interior.

  • Twenty-something takes Sierra Club's helm

    The Sierra Club elects 23-year-old Adam Werbach as its new president.

  • Ski industry masters the sneak attack

    The ski industry seeks to slip a bill through Congress that would preserve the current low Forest Service fees resorts pay and let them renew 40-year leases without environmental review.

  • Ranger charges ranchers with assault

    Forest Service Range Conservationist Chuck Oliver is physically assaulted when he tries to attend a meeting in Eagle, Ariz., between public-lands ranchers and wise-use attorney Karen Budd-Falen.

  • State lands: money isn't everything

    Colorado Gov. Roy Romer drafts a ballot initiative to force the state land board to consider long-term stewardship and protection of state-owned lands.

  • Wyoming climbers win equal footing

    A federal judge rules that Devils Tower National Monument cannot prohibit commercial climbing in June to accommodate Native American religious practices at the tower.

  • Fire sweeps through the Southwest

    The Southwest's drought brings an early and ferocious forest fire season.

  • Marvel ups the ante

    Conservationist Jon Marvel bid against rancher Mike Ward over a 10-year lease, raising the fee to $12,050, then folded and declared victory.

  • Dear friends

    HCN's summer break, odds and ends, summer interns Greg Hanscom and Jared Farmer, Paul Larmer visits Utah rancher Hardy Redd.

  • Canyonlands is a park in name only; in truth only highly organized chaos reigns

    A river trip through Utah's Canyonlands National Park leads a winter-naturalist to muse about the geologic chaos inside the park's human-imposed boundaries.

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