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  • Hopi-Navajo settlement runs aground

    A ranch withdrawn from sale by Babbitt family members affects settlement of Navajo-Hopi land dispute.

  • For the fish

    Wyoming dam operations have been altered at the Flaming Gorge Dam to help native fish recovery.

  • Landowners turn the Fifth into sharp-pointed sword

    Several lawsuits say the government should compensate for land devalued in "takings" cases.

  • The new Secretary of the Interior - Bruce Babbitt

    Introduction to : Babbitt in his own words

  • Nevada's water future

    Public forums discussing the seven year drought will be hosted by the Nevada Water Resources Association.

  • Babbitt's domain: 1.9 billion acres

    Several Interior Department agencies are profiled, including the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the BLM, the Bureau of Reclamation and many others.

  • A tracker's guide

    A review of "Tracking and the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Track and Sign', by Paul Rezendes.

  • Mountain outposts of empire

    A review of Tom Wolf's "Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Mountains."

  • Still stealing trees

    A report, "Unindicted Co-Conspirator," says that since the Forest Service disbanded its special timber-theft task force last year, investigations of large-scale timber stealing have ground to a halt.

  • Living with wildlife

    The Colorado Division of Wildlife's guide, "Developing With Wildlife in Mind," hopes to educate people about the possible conflicts with wildlife in suburbia.

  • Making history on the prairie

    The Prairie Plains Resource Institute in Nebraska seeks to preserve and celebrate the prairie.

  • Can the silence be unbroken?

    Transportation Secretary Federico Peûa proposes a ban on commercial scenic overflights in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • It's the pits

    Summo USA Corp. plans to mine 34 million pounds of copper each year for 10 years in the Lisbon Valley southeast of Moab, Utah.

  • Lessons of Lewis and Clark

    Daniel Botkin's book, "Our Natural History: the Lessons of Lewis and Clark," describes the Western wilderness the explorers saw in 1804-1806 and compares it to the West of today.

  • Development plan breaks consensus on grizzlies

    A pact between Plum Creek Timber Co., Montana state and federal agencies, to preserve some land for grizzlies falters when Plum Creek decides to sell some of the land to developers.

  • Pact promises cleaner canyon air

    The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission issues an ambitious proposed air-quality cleanup blueprint for the Colorado Plateau.

  • No pay for pooches

    Defenders of Wildlife, which compensates ranchers for livestock killed by wolves, says it cannot compensate for pets killed by wolves.

  • Clean air victory in Colorado

    The polluting, coal-fired Hayden Power Plant in northeastern Colorado agrees to reform, to activists' delight.

  • Idaho air base guns for more space, again

    Idaho opponents assail Mountain Home Air Force Base's latest training-range expansion plans.

  • Predator control: more pain than gain

    A survey in Montana shows that predators account for just 2.2 percent of all cattle losses in the state in 1995.

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