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  • BPA: the Northwest's sugar daddy

    The author contests the The Bonneville Power Administration's claim that salmon protection is to blame for its rising rates.

  • Not another Yellowstone

    A study suggests that granting Hells Canyon national park status would boost the local economy.

  • Mountainfilm 15

    The 15th annual Montainfilm festival begins in Telluride.

  • Jackson mountain biking

    Jackson Hole publishes a mountain biking map to attract tourists.

  • Hot Glass

    The Department of Energy wants to turn Hanford's nuclear waste into glass logs.

  • Desert Tortoise Plan Released

    A recovery plan for the Desert Tortoise is released.

  • A study to match the scenery

    The report "Montana: Steady State in Transition', examines the hopes and concerns of Montana's citizens.

  • Washington and a gold mine

    A moratorium on heap-leaching is sought by the Washington Wilderness Coalition and two other environmental groups.

  • Ute Indians return to their homeland

    A landmark agreement between tribes and government agencies could protect Ute sacred sites.

  • Trees identified as culprit

    An Oregon clearcut destroys fish habitat for cutthroat trout.

  • A push for reform

    Colo. Governor Romer orders a criminal investigation of the Summitville mine disaster.

  • Utah boosters welcome missiles

    The military hears public comment on launching missile tests from Green River, Utah, to White Sands, NM.

  • Report slams telescope project

    A consulting firm's report questions the legality of the observatory at Mt. Graham.

  • Jim Richards looked under all the rocks

    A profile praises the work of former Interior Department watchdog Jim Richards.

  • Helicopters may invade Zion park

    A helicopter company thwarts opposition by relocating in a neighboring county.

  • When ski areas fail, taxpayers clean up

    Costly reclamation work on several defunct ski areas suggests that the Forest Service is too lax with applicants.

  • Timber firm seeks grass-roots allies

    Consultant tells Wyoming ranchers at a multiple-use meeting not to negotiate with preservation groups.

  • Rio Grande not so

    The Rio Grande is labeled the most endangered river by the environmental group American Rivers.

  • Indians lose an ally

    Native Americans say they'll miss South Dakota Governor George Mickelson.

  • Wilderness developer signs off

    Tom Chapman may cease construction of an exclusive subdivision in Colorado's West Elk Wilderness.

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