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  • Troubled waters

    The National Parks and Conservation Association warns that water pollution and depletion plague the country's national parks.

  • Touch the earth

    The Belknap Reservation and the WILD Foundation host a conference on indigenous living.

  • New den for grizzly research

    Jackson Hole will become the home of the Yellowstone Grizzly Foundation's center for bear research.

  • Dune the Right Thing in Oregon

    ORVs may be banned from Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

  • Cutting trees for the forest

    A conference hosted by Oregon State University focuses on cutting trees to enhance ecosystems.

  • A Nevada biodiversity center

    The University of Nevada will make a Great Basin ecosystem map.

  • He loves to log

    An Idaho school distributes pro-timber propaganda in the form of the cartoon "Timbear'.

  • Bomb testing may resume in Nevada

    Nuclear bomb testing could resume in Nevada.

  • Bighorns and tourists

    A National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center will open in Dubois, Wyoming.

  • Restored habitat revives cui-ui

    Spring snowmelt helps the endangered cui-cui sucker fish in Nevada.

  • Poaching prehistoric fish

    Fossil poachers mar the landscape in a search for a prehistoric fish.

  • Navajo leader sentenced

    Navajo tribal chairman Peter MacDonald is sentenced to 14 years for his role in a riot that left two dead.

  • Hikers help snare rock-art vandals

    Hikers help nab boys defacing pictographs in Canyonlands.

  • Hage confined to home

    A judgment on tree-cutting in Toiyabe National Forest lands rancher Wayne Hage in jail.

  • Bird killing hatches new rule

    The New Mexico Game and Fish Department rules that science must be "humane and appropriate' after a songbird strangling near Carlsbad.

  • The Northwest turns wet again

    The Northwest emerges from a severe drought.

  • Texas congressman stirs up New Mexico

    Texas congressman Mike Andrews proposes a national park linking the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns national parks.

  • Sturgeon listing is imminent

    The Kootenai River sturgeon is up for threatened or endangered listing.

  • Salt caves not licked yet

    Wild and scenic designation on the Klamath River may stop an Oregon hydroelectric project.

  • Down but not out

    The AB Lateral hydropower project on Colorado's Gunnison and Uncompahgre rivers is vetoed.

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