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  • The Producer/Consumer Connection

    The 22nd annual conference, "The Producer/Consumer Connection," is being held Oct. 11-13 on Flathead Lake near Rollins, Mont.

  • Salt Lake has an Olympian traffic jam

    Utah's plan to enlarge I-15 in Salt Lake City worries some environmentalists, farmers and hunters, who say the proposed highway corridor includes lakeside wetlands and farmland.

  • Colorado resort shelves ski expansion

    The Crested Butte Ski Resort in Colorado drops its plans to build new ski runs on a neighboring mountain.

  • Will counties de(grade) wilderness?

    Bruce Babbitt's announcement of a new BLM inventory of southern Utah wilderness leads to a flurry of illegal road work, since roaded land can't be classified as wilderness.

  • Tribal group tries again to save mountain

    The President's Advisory Council on Historic Preservation says the Forest Service erred by letting construction of a telescope on Arizona's Mount Graham begin before the cultural significance of the site had been considered.

  • If they build it, will more come?

    A plan to build a visitor's center for Utah's Grand Gulch worries some, who fear more people - including pothunters - will be encouraged to visit the area.

  • Uranium poisons Navajo neighborliness

    Local Navajos lead the fight against Hydro Resources Inc.'s plan to leach uranium from groundwater at three sites on or near the Navajo Reservation.

  • All is not quiet on the Front

    Wyoming businessman Mark Alldredge files 104 mining claims in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, possibly searching for diamonds.

  • Feds go after Summitville boss

    Justice Department lawyers go after Canadian mining magnate Robert Friedland for the Summitville gold mine cleanup in Colorado.

  • Who snatched the salmon?

    One of only 132 adult salmon to survive the spawning journey to Idaho's Salmon River is killed - and eaten - by a poacher.

  • Redwood summer roars back

    Around 900 people were arrested at a protest in Carlotta, Calif., in an attempt to save the Headwaters Grove - the world's largest privately owned redwood forest, from being logged.

  • Glacier Park finds itself inundated

    A new management proposal for Montana's Glacier National Park, designed to control visitor overcrowding, meets opposition from the local tourism industry and others.

  • Snail's trail leads to Yellowstone

    Prolific New Zealand mudsnails are invading Yellowstone Park's Madison River, where scientists worry they will disrupt the food chain.

  • It ain't over till it's over

    Some worry that the land swap proposed to prevent Crown Butte Resources from mining near Yellowstone has only a 50-50 chance of success.

  • Dear friends

    Odds and ends, corrections, fall visitors, web wanderings, llamas continued.

  • Forget widgets, we sell wilderness

    Western wilderness is too popular for its own good - especially among wealthy foreigners who come to ski at Vail.

  • Heard around the West

    Mining and sea-captaining in Vail; Boy Scouts stone California bear; mountain lions chase mountain bikers and domestic pets; illegal immigrants disrespectful of horse trailer; park volunteers; tourist railroad billed for forest fire.

  • How the New West will vote is anyone's guess

    Variable voting patterns on the West make it difficult to predict who will win on election day.

  • Compare the candidates

    Democrat Walt Minnick and incumbent Republican Sen. Larry Craig fall into clear party lines in their views on many issues.

  • Craig: Betting on Idaho's enduring conservatism

    Incumbent Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig has a strong conservative and industrial backing.

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