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  • Elk target tourists

    Rutting elk go after human women in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Desperate wolves

    The four wolves shot for killing livestock in Montana had badly maimed paws - and 14 puppies to feed.

  • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to adjudicate

    Rachael Paschal of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy tries to convince Washington state that there is not enough water for everyone who wants it.

  • Dear friends

    HCN board meeting in Driggs, Idaho; Writers on the Range at HCN; fall visitors; research fund drive; correction.

  • Rustling up votes in Indian Country

    Indian activist Russell LaFountaine drives across the West in a motorhome called "Vote-Catcher "96," trying to encourage Native Americans to vote.

  • Greens prune their message to win the West's voters

    Environmentalists join with political consultants to try to find a way to woo fickle Western voters.

  • A harsh and priceless gift to the world

    The author says the Escalante belongs as much to the rest of the world as to Utah, and provides a kind of energy that has nothing to do with coal.

  • Managing the monument: The devil is in the details

    Utah's newest national monument will be managed by the BLM instead of the Park Service, and a lot of the details for that management remain to be worked out.

  • A daunting, beautiful place

    The 1.7 million acres at the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument contain a wide variety of landscapes, life zones and archaeological treasures.

  • The mother of all land grabs

    Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, R., in his own words, condemns the new monument.

  • A Bold Stroke: Clinton takes a 1.7 million-acre stand in Utah

    President Bill Clinton uses the Antiquities Act of 1906 to designate a new 1.7 million-acre national monument in southern Utah, and reactions range from joy to indignation and outrage.

  • How to talk Western

    Thomas L. Clark's new book, "Western Lore and Language: A Dictionary for Enthusiasts of the American West," documents Western slang.

  • Overworked and under-appreciated

    The report, "Working in Durango, Colorado," documents the economic inequity of a booming Colorado town.

  • Not coal alone

    "How the West Can Win: A Blueprint for a Clean & Affordable Energy Future" offers environmental alternatives to relying on coal.

  • Small is back

    Jeff Rast of the Center for Small Acreage Farming in Camas County, Idaho, tries to help small farms survive and prosper.

  • Literary natural history

    "Literary Natural History: Scientists and Artists" is a series of free public readings October through April.

  • Unplug America: Give mother earth a rest day

    "Unplug America: Give mother earth a rest day" will be held Oct. 13, started by Native American environmental groups, including the Seventh Generation Fund.

  • Wilderness: The Foundation of Culture

    The New Mexico Wilderness Coalition and Santa Fe chapter of Sierra Club sponsor an Oct. 5 workshop on "Wilderness: The Foundation of Culture."

  • The Producer/Consumer Connection

    The 22nd annual conference, "The Producer/Consumer Connection," is being held Oct. 11-13 on Flathead Lake near Rollins, Mont.

  • Salt Lake has an Olympian traffic jam

    Utah's plan to enlarge I-15 in Salt Lake City worries some environmentalists, farmers and hunters, who say the proposed highway corridor includes lakeside wetlands and farmland.

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