High Country News - Current Issue

Beauty prized above all
A survey of the Grand Canyon region's lower-income residents shows that they favor protecting the environment over promoting economic growth.
Intimidation is on the rise
The reports by the Oregon-based Western States Center document a chilling rise of incidents of harassment of environmentals and public employees by wise-users' extremist allies.
Cry Wolf
Review of "The Great American Wolf" by Bruce Hampton
Wild Idaho!
Sawtooth National Recreation Area celebrates 25 years at the Wild Idaho! conference, May 16-18, at Redfish Lake Lodge near Stanley.
Arizona Grazing Clearinghouse
A workshop will explore the health of public land and grazing practices on June 14-15 at Northern Arizona State University.
Marathon Oil sues to get into roadless area
Marathon Oil Company is suing to get into lands pulled from a routine oil and gas lease sale because they are in a roadless, possible wilderness area.
Wolves have friend in Washington
Washington's Congressman Norm Dicks is pushing for the reintroduction of wolves in his district's Olympic National Park.
Taking range reform by the horns
Navajo ranchers are warming up to the idea of range reform on their overgrazed, drought-damaged reservation.
No takers for wilderness trip
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt tries to calm the state's bitter wilderness debate with a camping trip in proposed wilderness area - but no one wants to come.
Timber mill dreams of museum
Hull-Oakes Lumber Company wants to make a museum of a 90-year-old mill near Monroe, Ore., but environmentalists believe the company's stipulating that it get subsidized timber at the mill won't wash.
Judge is bullish on trout protection
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service starts the process of listing the bull trout under the Endangered Species Act.
Shutdown attempts go up in smoke
A federal judge allows chemical weapons incinerating to go on at Tooele, Utah, despite environmental warnings of the dangers.
Coffee is bad for birds
Migrating songbirds are threatened as Mexican and Central American coffee plantations cut down shade trees to increase the coffee yield.
Utah Paiutes put the brakes on chaining
Utah Paiutes join environmentalists in protesting the BLM's "chaining" of tree stumps to clear land in central Utah after fires.