High Country News - Current Issue

  • Chevron takes aim at Uintas

    Chevron's widened search for oil into the Uinta mountains threatens the entire range.

  • Oil firms commandeer badlands

    Duncan Energy Inc. builds an illegal road through national grasslands while the Forest Service and the U.S. Attorney's office bicker.

  • Oil leases head for Court

    Proposed oil and gas leasing on National Forest lands comes under fire.

  • Wagons West

    A re-enactment of the Oregon Trail migration of 1843 is planned.

  • Looking out for petroglyphs

    The Park Service offers a series of monument management conferences at Petroglyph National Monument.

  • How to manage the resource

    Utah State University will host conference on: Conflicts in Natural Resource Management: Integrating Social and Ecological Concerns.

  • Historic powwow

    Several Ute tribes will gather for the United Ute Powwow Celebration.

  • Green at work

    Island Press publishes "Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment'.

  • Exploring the Great Basin

    Several books on the Great Basin are reviewed: "Hiking the Great Basin' by John Hart; "The Hiker's Guide to Nevada' by Bruce Grubbs and "Nevada Mountain Ranges' by George Wuerthner.

  • Dump Decision in Colorado

    Uravan, Colo, is proposed to house a dumpsite for naturally occurring radioactive waste.

  • Dollars trail to Colorado

    A Conference on western Colorado trails will take place in Grand Junction.

  • Missile plan shoots for the West

    The military wants to launch missiles from Utah into New Mexico.

  • Trawler catches a leviathan

    An Oregon fishing boat hooks a submarine.

  • Too exotic for Wyoming

    The Wyoming Game and Fish Department prohibits the introduction of exotic species at a game ranch.

  • In NM: Mining reform wins; takings bill loses

    A bill passed by the state legislature promises mining reform in New Mexico.

  • Defenders magazine fires fiery writer

    Michael Frome is axed from the Defenders of Wildlife publication.

  • Why Arizonans voted for leg-hold traps

    A leg-hold trap ban dies in Arizona's rancher-friendly legislature.

  • Owls may protect Southwest forests

    The Mexican Spotted Owl is listed as threatened.

  • An unconventional appointment

    Clinton nominates Daniel Beard as the commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.

  • Predator control halted

    A BLM decision limits predator killing on BLM lands to "emergency control.'