Suburbs and the economy

The economy has brought growth to a standstill in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other once-booming Western cities. In the next decade, what will happen to all the new suburban neighborhoods that popped up on these cities' fringes?
1. They'll be abandoned, and the rats, mosquitos and desert will reclaim them. 6 (18.18%)
2. The lower home prices will attract people anew, and growth will return back to "normal" in a few years. 6 (18.18%)
3. McMansions will be divided up into multi-family rentals, big box stores will become squatter shelters, and the exurbs will become the new slums. 11 (33.33%)
4. As prices drop in the exurbs, bohemians will flock to them and reinvent them as walkable, urban centers of art and culture. 2 (6.06%)
5. None of the above... but I've got something to say about the topic (leave a comment below). 8 (24.24%)

Total Votes: 33