HCN Syndicate

High Country News Syndicate, like the magazine from which it derives, is as Western as worn leather, as modern as marijuana as a cash crop. It offers two separate and distinct services:

  • A free weekly feed of at least three news stories, essays and book reviews about life in the modern American west. HCN staff and freelance contributors bring to the subjects they cover a depth not often found in mainstream media.
  • A weekly feed of op-ed pieces. We call this service Writers on the Range because contributors are a diverse bunch whose opinions are anything but predictable, except in one respect: like our readers (and yours) they’re deeply concerned about the West, what’s right about it, what’s wrong about it. The pieces HCN selects for Writers on the Range come from people from all walks of life, people who are steeped in — through education or experience or both — the topics on which they opine. They mince no words in discussing water or oil, wildlife or wild life, good stewards of the land or despoilers — everything, in short, that makes up life in the modern American West, the good, the bad, the ugly...
  • We also have a separate feature feed at least once a month. These include the feature story covered in a recent issue of High Country News and can only be purchased by the piece. Some photos are often included and stories can be edited with pre-run approval by HCN's editors. 


Contact JoAnn Kalanek at with any questions.