Our media partner services are an editor's dream

Editors and publishers can subscribe to our op-ed service for a low weekly fee, or you can pick-up quality news, essays and feature stories, FREE!

Provisos for: News, essays, features
We offer news, essays and features everyday at NO CHARGE to our media partners. Our partners are required to let us know (joann@hcn.org) when they find a story that they are interested in reprinting or posting so that we can confirm it’s availability. Photos are sometimes included and can be confirmed at the time an inquiry is made.

We require the following attributions:
• Linking to the original story on hcn.org if posting a teaser of the story
“High Country News” must be including along with the author byline
• “This story was originally published at High Country News (hcn.org) on xx date.” must follow  the story (placement positioning optional).

NOTE: These provisos DO NOT include our op-ed series, “Writers on the Range,” which can be purchased by subscription to the partner program or by the piece.

To become a media partner, or inquire about a story, email JoAnn@hcn.org for fast and friendly response.

Rates and provisos for: Writers on the Range
The cost for high-quality op-ed pieces are affordable enough that even the smallest media organization can participate. Photos are occasionally available and author mugs are always included, free of charge. Fair and proper attributes must accompany each reprinted piece.

Weekly subscription rate for print circulation* up to:

Weekly subscription rate for website traffic** up to:

Per piece use for circulation* up to:

Per piece use for website traffic**up to:

*The term “Circulation” is defined at total copies per print run.
**The term “Page-views” is defined as total annual website page-views.

For more information, including arrangements for monthly, bi-monthly and chain publications, call 1-970-527-4898 ext. 19 or e-mail JoAnn Kalenak at joann@hcn.org