Wild Science video series goes behind the scenes of wildlife science


High Country News is launching Wild Science, an original video series that spotlights the field biology and people involved in some of today’s most intriguing wildlife issues. Viewers travel alongside researchers into the habitat of the wildlife they study and see the scientific processes that inform public land and wildlife management — decisions that shape the West today. 

"We wanted to highlight the individual people behind the science that shapes policy today," said Tay Wiles, online editor at the magazine.

Wild Science is comprised of six, five- to seven-minute videos, each featuring a different location in the West. Two videos are currently available, and new installments in the series will appear at hcn.org/wildscience every other week through the end of August. The next video will release on Monday, July 20.

About High Country News:
For more than 45 years, High Country News has been known for its in-depth, independent journalism that digs deeper and reports stories about the American West that are often overlooked by larger media outlets. HCN’s nonprofit news organization has won numerous awards, including the 2013 and 2010 Utne Media Awards and the George Polk award, for its unique coverage of the West.

For more information about High Country News, its new video series or to interview Tay Wiles, contact Gretchen King, HCN community outreach coordinator, at 970-527-4898 x14 or gretchenk@hcn.org.