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  • The dark corners of the heart: A review of Volt

    The short stories in Alan Heathcock's collection, Volt, bring the troubled inhabitants of a small town vividly to life.

  • Writing in tradition

    In her first short story collection, From the Hilltop, Toni Jensen relies on her Metis heritage to explore American Indian life off the reservation.

  • Daniel Orozco is out of the office

    Daniel Orozco is out of the office

    In Moscow, Idaho, Daniel Orozco writes darkly funny short stories that flirt with the macabre.

  • Truth, lies and poetry

    Reading the short stories and poems in Sherman Alexie's War Dances is like watching an intricate dance.

  • Stories from the shadow sides

    The short stories in Aryn Kyle's Boys and Girls Like You and Me are threaded by themes of solitude and unrest.

  • Ghosts of Wyoming: A haunted past and present

    The haunting short stories in Alyson Hagy's collection resonate with themes of loss, resignation and hope.

  • A search for meaning in the Pacific Northwest

    A search for meaning in the Pacific Northwest

    Jon Raymond's short-story collection, Livability, is compassionate and quietly devastating.

  • Why some men are the way they are

    Why some men are the way they are

    Three new short story collections -- Nine Ten Again by Philip Condon, Where The Money Went by Kevin Canty, and Maile Meloy’s Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It -- feature working-class men coping with damaged lives.

  • Desperate people

    Desperate people

    In the short stories collected in The Mechanics of Falling, Catherine Brady describes fragile people whose precarious lives are unraveling.

  • The bizarre intersection of humanity and nature

    The bizarre intersection of humanity and nature

    The short stories in Laura Chester’s Rancho Weirdo revolve around the unexpected interactions of middle-class people with nature.

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