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  • Moose, the popular wild animal

    Moose, the popular wild animal

    That there are moose in Yellowstone these days tells us something about nature and our role in altering it.

  • How my thoughts on wolves have changed

    How my thoughts on wolves have changed

    An Alaskan who loves wolves has come to believe that aggressive predator control is often necessary.

  • Palin, politics, and Alaska predator control

    Palin, politics, and Alaska predator control

    Alaska's politicians and scientists wrestle over how to manage big game and the predators that prey on it.

  • Heard Around the West

    Biodiesel pirates; dinosaur bones for sale; archaeological developments; hot weather and cool bankrobbers; what to do with a big dead moose.

  • Heard Around the West

    Arborcide outside Las Vegas; repossessing a family; Merry Christmoose in Alaska; interior earthworks in New York; snowplowing on Red Mountain Pass.

  • Heard Around the West

    The Long Arm of the Law hits Western yards; un-damming a Montana waterway; a modern-day farmer’s daughter; clueless CEOs; smart moose.

  • Energy workers, union members protest drilling

    In Wyoming, oil and gas workers and the Wyoming AFL-CIO have joined environmentalists, ranchers and homeowners in protesting the sale of energy leases in the Wyoming Range of Bridger-Teton National Forest

  • The Latest Bounce

    Whistleblower Earle Dixon’s complaint denied; Colorado moose has chronic wasting disease; Colorado wind power gets cheaper than traditional electricity; court nixes BuRec’s 10-year Klamath River plan

  • Heard around the West

    Friendly moose killed; San Juan Horseshoe spoofs hunters; not an "easy to moderate" mountain climb in Wyoming; meteorite drops in; persnickety about pumpkins in Puyallup; hit-and-run by clown at Burning Man Festival

  • Roadkill is a right and a privilege, and don't you forget it

    A judge’s ruling proves you can get a free lunch – at least, if you live in northern Idaho, and you like to eat roadkill

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