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  • The Latest Bounce

    The "American Wilderness Protection Act" will end protection of wilderness study areas; reinstatement of "polluter pays" tax loses in Congress; Fence Lake Mine in New Mexico to begin construction; Homeland Security wallows up INS, Border Patrol and other

  • Dear Friends

    Your chance to weigh in on the redesign; Deb French is new outreach director; and Betsy and Ed Marston are still here

  • A citizen soldier looks beyond war

    A World War II veteran of the 10th Mountain Division believes that saving trees and rivers is the best possible way to honor soldiers like him – especially as the nation stands on the brink of another war.

  • Heard Around the West

    Wenatchee, Wash., has a new sweet-smelling phone book; rodeo beats dancing in Wyoming; Moab, Utah, is not happy about MOAB the bomb; sage grouse walk on the wild side; shoes at sea; dogs vs. snakes in Reno; and mind-boggling California developments in the

  • Emmet Gowin: Changing the Earth

    Changing the Earth, title of both a book and a traveling exhibit, showcases Emmet Gowin’s strangely beautiful aerial photographs of human-altered landscapes

  • Forest Service fights red tape

    HCN staff fights the winter blues with a little April foolishness

  • The Latest Wrinkle

    HCN staff fights the winter blues with a little April foolishness

  • Dear Friends

    This isn’t the first time HCN has had a face-lift; a prowl through the storage shed resurrects HCNs of times past

  • Heard Around the West

    Vive la France!; anglers block fish contest; Libertarians are coming; ski industry vs. climate change; ski industry and big bucks; outdoor Internet; slamming Seattle; hot water & hot girls at the EPA; and Colorado Central knows its duct tape

  • Ranching is preventing sprawl

    Ranching is preventing sprawl

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