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  • Hanford leaves a surprising Cold War legacy

    Area farmers are unhappy that the Wahluke Slope, a buffer zone for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, may now be protected as a wildlife refuge.

  • Save land now

    A Montana Coalition hopes to buy 1,800 acres in the Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area from Plum Creek Timber Co.

  • Reviving a refuge

    California's Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge has been managed to benefit agriculture, not wildlife, critics say, but if water is given to the wetlands before it goes to irrigation, that could change.

  • Ranchers don't want refugee prairie dogs

    Southern Plains Land Trust activist Susan Miller raises the ire of local ranchers over a plan to create a refuge in rural Baca County, Colo., for prairie dogs displaced by the state's suburban sprawl.

  • High desert pronghorn

    A coalition wants to link the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Oregon with the Sheldon National Refuge in Nevada so the pronghorn antelope can roam.

  • Do coyotes need "control' on the refuge?

    Evidence that coyotes are keeping the antelope population down leads some to propose that the coyotes on Oregon's Hart Mountain Refuge should be controlled by killing.

  • Selling science to the agencies: an ecologist's story

    Zoologist David Dobkin believes that federal land managers are closing their minds to his scientific research - especially when his research indicts grazing.

  • Jackson Hole tries "unnatural' elk management

    Some wildlife managers and environmentalists say the National Elk Refuge at Jackson Hole, Wyo., should end its policy of feeding elk every winter.

  • Sportsmen sue to remove prison

    Tom Huerkamp and Bob Morris plan to sue the State of Colorado for illegally building a prison in a state wildlife area.

  • How Colorado's hunters lost 90 acres to 300 prisoners

    The Delta Correctional Facility was given unrestricted use of 91 acres in the Escalante State Wildlife Area in Colorado.

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