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  • A book big enough to make waves

    Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land, a book of photographs by Subhankar Banerjee, stirs up so much controversy in Washington, D.C., that the Smithsonian relocates an exhibition of the images

  • Have you ever seen the cranes?

    In New Mexico, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge celebrates its annual Festival of the Cranes in November.

  • Running for cover on the Rio Grande

    Refuges such as the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge are among the few scattered fragments of habitat left in Texas' Lower Rio Grande Valley.

  • Klamath water is finally for the birds

    Spurred by a lawsuit over the needs of the threatened bald eagle, the Bureau of Reclamation agrees to give some water to six wildlife refuges in the Klamath Basin of Oregon and California.

  • A former oilman says no to drilling in theArctic

    Writer and geologist Rick Bass calls on the Senate to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling, keeping this extraordinary refuge a true and untouched refuge.

  • Arctic Refuge

    The brief essays gathered in Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony offer passionate arguments against drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

  • An agency in need of refuge?

    Some say the National Wildlife Refuge System is being neglected and perhaps should be split off from the Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Fish fight fowl for water

    Delivery of Klamath River water to California's Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge was cut off this fall in order to keep the river flowing for endangered species and farmers.

  • Will a watched refuge ever revive?

    At the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, ranchers, environmentalists and agencies are at odds over whether grazing could help beat back an exotic grass, Lehmann lovegrass.

  • Who speaks for the sheep?

    On Arizona's Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, managers are caught between desert bighorn sheep advocates, who say the animals need human-made waterholes, and others who say that hauling water by authorized motorized vehicles harms the wilderness.

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