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  • If a town is more dead than alive, it's the Old West

    Musing on the gravestones in Anaconda, Mont., a writer theorizes that one can tell whether a town is Old West or New West by the ratio of the buried to the currently alive inhabitants.

  • On being wrong

    A writer looks back ruefully at what went wrong with a one-time utopian, back-to-the-land community in Oregon.

  • How the writer learned that he is not very spiritual

    A stroll through Sedona, Ariz., the West's New Age center, shows that enlightenment is there for the finding - if you have enough money.

  • The West may not be literary, but it's littered with reading matter

    A cross-country bicycle trip through the West reveals quirky and sometimes enigmatic road signs everywhere.

  • What is a Navajo taco?

    Curiosity leads a writer to research the origins of Taco Time's "Navajo Taco."

  • A confirmed railroad addict

    The condition of being a railroad buff is probably hereditary, says the writer, remembering the trains of his childhood.

  • The Country Doctor

    Reserve, N.M., Dr. Mark Unverzagt, in his own words, on the often overlooked middle ground in Catron County.

  • The Psychologist

    Psychologist Melinda Garcia, in her own words, on working with people in Catron County's "war zone."

  • The Forest Ranger

    Forest Service District Ranger Mike Gardner, in his own words, on dealing with the tensions in Catron County.

  • The Businessperson

    An anonymous Catron County businessperson, in his words, on the tensions between factions in the county.

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