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  • An environmentalist in the heart of cowboy culture

    Former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Arizona native, rancher and environmentalist, lectures on cooperation and community in the West at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nev., and gets a surprising ovation.

  • Hecho a mano

    James S. Griffith's "Hecho a Mano" uses photos and language to explore the creative folk arts of the Mexican-American residents of Tucson, Ariz.

  • Truth-telling needs a home in the West

    Historic markers on a Western road trip raise questions about the way Westerners have often romanticized, concealed and lied about their history.

  • Do we really need the rural West?

    A Las Vegas historian argues that the rural West is nothing but an anachronism that means nothing in today's New West.

  • Proulx shoots holes in mythic Wyoming

    Annie Proulx's new book, "Close Range: Wyoming Stories," has displeased some Wyoming residents by its gritty, unflattering look at what lies under the surface of the cowboy mythology of the state.

  • Coming home to the country

    When a couple of Eastern academics bought a ranch near Ekalaka, Mont., and tried raising llamas, then bison, they faced a clash of cultures as they and their ranching neighbors tried to come to terms with each other.

  • Nevada names

    Helen Carlson's book, "Nevada Place Names," is a delightful dictionary that untangles the stories behind the state's place names.

  • Isn't it about time for a New West celebration?

    With tongue firmly in cheek, the writer argues that small Western towns need to give up their traditional summer festivals celebrating the Old West, and replace them with events honoring the New West in all its strangeness.

  • Not just sheepherders

    Nancy Zubiri's book, "A Travel Guide to Basque America - families, feasts and festivals," is a passionate and well-researched guide to Basque culture in the Great Basin area.

  • Greens not welcome in Escalante

    Newcomers Patrick Diehl and Tori Woodward say they are being persecuted by some longtime Escalante, Utah, residents, because they are environmentalists who oppose construction of the New Wide Hollow Reservoir.

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