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  • Bombs tested in Nevada

    The Department of Energy begins a series of underground nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site, and environmentalists and arms control groups protest.

  • Is Hanford back in the bomb business?

    The Department of Energy is considering using Hanford's research nuclear reactor to produce tritium for nuclear weapons.

  • 'Boom' potential at Rocky Flats

    A dangerous build-up of hydrogen gas at the closed Rocky Flats nuclear facility near Denver, Colo., has activists very worried.

  • For further reading

    A short list of books for further reading about Hanford's history and its toxic legacy.

  • Peace gets no chance

    Los Alamos officials quash plan to build peace park where first atomic bomb was built.

  • He felt the earth move when scientists nuked western Colorado

    A protester describes the underground explosion of an atomic bomb in western Colorado in 1969.

  • For sale: low mileage bomb factory

    Department of Energy sells bomb components to an Idaho used-car and scrap dealer.

  • Same old DOE?

    GAO reports say DOE has yet to investigate corrupt practices.

  • Public foots DOE bill

    Contractors cost DOE millions to defend from class action suits.

  • China breaks brief nuclear silence

    After China sets off a nuclear device, the U.S. stands ready to resume nuclear testing in Nevada.

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