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  • Watershed Wars

    Geoffrey O'Gara's book, "What You See in Clear Water," explores past and present on Wyoming's Wind River Reservation, and describes the continual conflict over control of the Wind River watershed.

  • Navajos at odds about marinas

    Some Navajos fear the tribe's planned Antelope Point Marina in Arizona will harm archaeological and ceremonial sites.

  • Suburban sprawl hits tribal land

    The tribes of the Tulalip Indian Reservation, Wash., alarmed by sprawling development, have made an agreement with the county to preserve reservation land, but some say it isn't strong enough.

  • On the phone, on the Rez

    Wireless phones have become popular among the rural residents of the Southwest's sprawling Navajo Reservation.

  • Homeless tribe wants its land back

    The Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw are asking for 95,000 acres of the Siuslaw National Forest as compensation for land stolen 150 years ago.

  • Indian reservations: Environmental refuge or homeland?

    The West's Indian reservations need help in building sustainable economies if their wildlife and landscapes are to be preserved, along with their tribal rights.

  • Tribe slowed down on road to showbiz

    In western Washington, the Muckleshoot Tribe's plan to build a 20,000-seat open-air amphitheater is stirring up heated opposition from other King County residents.

  • Can a hog farm bring home the bacon?

    A huge, industrial hog farm would bring much-needed jobs and profits to South Dakota's Rosebud Sioux Reservation, but a growing number of tribal members have begun to criticize the project and worry about the waste it would produce.

  • Crow tribe lays claim to elk

    The Crow Tribe plans to capture 550 elk that roam from its Montana reservation down into Wyoming, and critics say that the tribe's foray into game ranching is a plan to steal the public's wildlife.

  • An island becomes a protest ground

    On La Framboise Island in Pierre, S.D., Sioux Indian activists have been protesting since March against the Army Corps of Engineers' plan to return most of Missouri River bottomland it once managed to the state, rather than giving all back to 7 tribes.

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