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  • A mining town gets a second chance

    The writer says Leadville faces a return to life as a mining town

  • In search of the Glory Days

    Twenty years after its longtime mainstay, the Climax Molybdenum Mine, closed, Leadville, Colo., is still groping for a secure economy and a new identity.

  • 'The mine is everything'

    An anonymous Questeno says the Molycorp mine has given much to the community and been a good steward of the land.

  • 'A mine divides a community'

    Lifelong Questa resident Berlinda Trujillo has spent years in labor and environmental struggles with the Molycorp mine.

  • 'If you want the jobs, you're going to have to deal with it'

    Questa resident Alice Martinez defends the Molycorp mine, where her husband worked for many years.

  • 'Molycorp hasn't been a good neighbor to us'

    Lifelong Questa resident Joe Cisneros says Molycorp has damaged his air, water and community.

  • The life and times of a mining town

    A timeline traces the history of the Molycorp mine in Questa, N.M., and its environmental problems.

  • The mine that turned the Red River blue

    Though the economic future of the area is uncertain, activists welcome a possible Superfund listing for the huge Molycorp molybdenum mine in Questa, N.M., as a way to save the town and the Red River from yet more mine-waste pollution.

  • Amax's return delayed

    Cyprus-Amax's plan to open a controversial molybdenum mine near Crested Butte, Colo., has been stalled by a water court judge's postponement of a trial over whether the mining company can build a reservoir.

  • Amax returns with a vengeance

    Cyprus-Amax is determined to start mining molybdenum near Crested Butte, Colo., despite local opposition which defeated the company once 20 years ago.

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