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  • Heard around the West

    Nike ads, MTV in Utah, toll attendants on Navajo lands, French tourists in Utah, DIA woes, cows in suburbia, freon in Arizona.

  • Heard Around the West

    Was Jim Peacock kidnapped?, Wandering moose, California exodus slows, Montana log cabin for sale with militia included, is "Rock feature" archaeology or rocks?, Natural Bridges gets phones.

  • Heard Around The West

    Annoying boldface type; Patricia McColm's lawsuits; real estate ruckuses; driving is faster than flying DIA; preserving WPPSS; Belarussians in Utah Wal-Mart; lobster kidnapping; canola oil exhaust and bears; life is less fun.

  • Life on the edge

    "Life on the Edge: A Guide to California's Endangered Natural Resources" is reviewed.

  • Sheep Country

    A new magazine called "Sheep Country" is intended for sheep growers in all 50 states.

  • The public was railroaded

    "Railroads and Clearcuts: Legacy of Congress's 1864 Northern Pacific Land Grant" by Derrick Johnson, George Draffan and John Osborn is reviewed.

  • Start spreading the news

    "Getting the Word Out in the Fight to Save the Earth" by Richard Beamish and "Let the World Know: Make Your Cause News" by Jason Salzman are reviewed.

  • The road to wilderness is paved with outdoor magazines

    Critics say outdoor magazines such as "Outside" and "Backpacker" exploit the wild places they write about.

  • Heard around the West

    Camping on Green River 20 years, hog raising in Clark County, Wash., Arizona shows what it can do, federal land managers shoot guns rarely, porcupine race in Oregon, pity poor Texas, rodeo cowboys' unions, RV hardships.

  • HCN's tough underbelly

    Former HCN interns share memories and offer updates on their lives since the paper.

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