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  • Bush takes a swing at community forestry

    Hit hard by reduced federal timber harvests, Pacific Northwest communities now learn that President Bush wants to eliminate the $12.5 million Forest Service budget that would have assisted them with fire season and watershed restoration.

  • Landmark timber deal stops Seattle sprawl

    Overwhelmed by development in this bedroom community near Seattle, the town of Snoqualmie finds an ally in the Evergreen Forest Trust, which has purchased a huge tree farm that will enable logging to continue, and block sprawl.

  • A new world in the woods

    In many Western communities, forest workers are quietly converting their skills from industrial logging to forest restoration.

  • Timber towns search for a new economy

    North Fork, Calif., and other struggling timber towns resent the fact that the Framework places survival of the owl above survival of the logging industry.

  • Timber counties get new money

    A new law is intended to give former timber counties federal tax money for schools and roads, without using the funds to increase logging.

  • The Millworker and the Forest: Notes on natural history, human industry and the deepest wilds of the Northwest

    A hike through the old growth of Olympic National Park with former millworker Jim Podlesny reveals more than one way to look at a giant Douglas-fir, and also at the life of a one-time logging community.

  • A quiet victory in Quincy

    The controversial forest management plan put together by the Quincy Library Group in California is signed into law without much fanfare, as members of the consensus group brace for the next round of fighting over the forest.

  • A tie that binds: county income and timber

    Former Curry County, Ore., commissioner Peg Reagan has founded a grassroots group, the Conservation Leaders Network, to work on environmental issues and break the connection between county coffers and federal timber contracts.

  • A county writes strict logging rules

    Rio Arriba County, N.M., a pro-logging area, passes a far-reaching law to mandate environmentally responsible logging.

  • Timber mills close in the Northwest

    Boise Cascade Corp. sawmill workers blame environmentalists for sawmill closures in the Northwest that others say are the fault of the global economy.

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