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  • Jobs for the environment

    The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act would designate 20 million acres of new wilderness and in the process create thousands of jobs.

  • Battle likely over Utah wilderness

    Utah environmentalists protest the wilderness bill introduced by Utah Republicans.

  • Land grant says wilderness hurts

    Utah State University releases study claiming that wilderness designation harms local economy.

  • A modest proposal

    Utah county commissioners offer minimal wilderness recommendations to Gov. Mike Leavitt.

  • Counties may shrink Utah wilderness

    Utah Gov. Leavitt's insistance that local communities must support new wilderness designation makes environmentalists nervous.

  • Utah wilderness bill under way

    A proposed wilderness bill for Utah leaves environmentalists unsatisfied.

  • The blurring of the West

    Governors of eight Western states begin work on a strategy to protect the region's world-class air before it's too late.

  • Burning bill

    Montana can no longer burn hazardous waste near sensitive areas.

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