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  • A rare vote on water

    For only the second time in 62 years, Colorado voters had the chance to elect board members to the upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District.

  • Troubled Oasis

    In Nevada, Walker Lake is slowly disappearing, as local farmers, an Indian tribe and conservationists battle over the rights to the water that once filled the lake.

  • The river comes last

    The Montana Legislature ratifies a water compact with the Crow Indian Tribe that favors consumptive users of the water at the expense of the Bighorn River itself, and of the world-class trout fishery in Bighorn Lake.

  • From river to river

    Despite the Endangered Species Act, the uses of water continue to drain life from native fish; on the Platte River, a new era brings many users to the table to negotiate and compromise.

  • Saving the Platte

    Environmentalists, farmers and state and federal agencies try to find some kind of consensus even as each reaches for a share of the overused Platte River as it flows from Colorado, through Wyoming and across Nebraska.

  • A tangled web of watersheds

    The upper Rio Grande's 15 major tributaries all face distinct problems with a complex history behind them.

  • As mayordomo

    Stanley Crawford says that being mayordomo is like being the heart, pumping out precious fluid.

  • Next to blood relationships

    An excerpt from Stanley Crawford's book "Mayordomo" traces the connections of blood relationships and water relationships in his New Mexico community.

  • I am mayordomo

    Stanley Crawford's book "Mayordomo" chronicles his experience as mayordomo of the Acequia de la Jara in his rural New Mexico community.

  • A river becomes a raw nerve

    The grassroots environmental group Amigos Bravos seeks consensus in the mostly Hispanic communities along the Rio Costilla in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, where there is never enough water to go around.

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