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  • Run before dawn and other advice from a Native American elder

    Logan Hebner talks with a Paiute elder in Utah who advises, among other things: "Run before dawn."

  • Tribes recognized at Little Bighorn

    This summer, the National Park Service will unveil a memorial to the American Indians who fought Custer at the Little Bighorn

  • Cheers for Arizona’s governor and a Hopi warrior

    Tim Giago cheers the renaming of an Arizona mountain -- and blasts those who’d rather retain the word "squaw."

  • The tangled messages of a servicewoman killed in combat

    The death of Lori Piestewa, a young Hopi woman killed in combat in Iraq, has brought both grief and pride to the close-knit Navajo and Hopi communities

  • On Black Mesa, the natives make a comeback

    In Arizona, Peabody Western Coal is working with Navajo and Hopi Indians to reclaim its coal mines using culturally valuable native plants

  • Life on the border, where education gets lost

    A young teacher’s first months at an impoverished, "under-performing" school on Arizona’s Tohomo O’odham Reservation are a difficult lesson in what it is like to try to survive in a war zone.

  • A Christmas tradition pueblo-style

    The writer treasures a lifetime of Christmas visits with silversmith Vidal Aragon and his family at Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico.

  • Sherman Alexie in his own words

    Writer Sherman Alexie talks about Hollywood, tokenism and being an Indian.

  • For the love of spoons

    Navajo silversmithing is the subject of a book, "Navajo Spoons," by Cindra Kline, exploring Indian artistry and the souvenir trade.

  • Letting their lights shine

    "Northern Lights," series of eight articles by Michael Jamison in Montana's Missoulian, profiles Native American women who have begun to speak up, take charge and bring change to reservations.

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