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  • Compromise can take more courage than taking a stand

    Sometimes opponents have to work together to deal with thorny issues, as environmentalists and ranchers are trying to do in Idaho’s Owyhee County.

  • Dear Friends

    A blizzard of mail; keeping us on our toes; more corrections

  • Ranching advocates lack a rural vision

    Ranching West of the 100th Meridian is a book of essays that promotes the false idea that Westerners must choose between condos and cows in a landscape never meant for cattle grazing.

  • Cow-free crowd ignores science, sprawl

    Welfare Ranching’s authors, George Wuerthner and Mollie Matteson, are romantics who ignore the threat of sprawl and the studies of scientists in their quest to ban all cattle grazing on the West’s public lands.

  • Ranchers in the West should call it quits

    The writer says books like Ranching West of the 100th Meridian promote the false idea that Westerners must choose between condos and cows in a landscape never meant for cattle grazing.

  • A cow of a time

    "Bovines or Biodiversity: The National Campaign to End Abusive Public Lands Grazing," is this year's RangeNet conference, set in Boise, Idaho, October 9.

  • Land plan attracts an anti-grazing gorilla

    A draft plan by Moffat County, Colo., commissioners to turn over control of 1.7 million acres of federal land to local trustees draws the ire of environmentalist Jon Marvel of the Western Watersheds Project.

  • Grazing foes float a buyout

    Anti-grazing groups are trying to convince Congress to buy out ranchers' grazing allotments on public land, but resistance on the part of permit holders may stop the effort.

  • California monument welcomes cattle

    Environmentalists, ranchers and land managers are arguing over the future of cattle grazing on the newly designated Carrizo Plain National monument in California, where the BLM has long relied on cattle to help control weeds.

  • 'Zero-Cow' initiative splits Sierra Club

    A proposed Sierra Club initiative to end all public-lands logging reveals the distance between urban environmentalists and their rural counterparts in places like northern New Mexico, where poor Hispanics rely on grazing small herds.

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