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  • Paying for a gold mine

    Dakota Mining Corp. left an expensive, toxic mess behind when it abandoned its Stibnite gold mine in Idaho's Payette National Forest.

  • The last mine closes in Leadville

    A 139-year history of hardrock mining ends in Leadville, Colo., as the last working mine - Asarco's Black Cloud Mine - closes down, leaving the town uncertain of its identity and its economic future.

  • Avoiding the shaft

    In "Avoiding the Shaft: The New Mexico Citizen's Mining Manual," Sue McIntosh aims to help New Mexico activists battle hardrock mining.

  • Voters to decide mining's future

    Montana's Initiative I-137 would ban new open-pit heap-leach gold and silver mines and prevent the expansion of existing ones.

  • Tribes strike back at mining

    The Confederated Tribes on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington are fighting the planned Buckhorn Mountain gold mine, despite the economic benefits such a mine could bring to the tribes.

  • Excavating Ecotopia

    Washington's Okanogan County is divided between those who support Battle Mountain Gold's planned Buckhorn Mtn. mine for its economic promise, and local and Native American activists fighting what they see as impending ecological disaster.

  • Mine your jewelry box

    The Missoula, Mont., group, Women's Voices for the Earth, suggests gold jewelry be recycled instead of new gold being mined.

  • All that glitters...

    The Mono County Mining Committee is organizing against a proposed open-pit gold mine near Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

  • This heavy-metal collection includes a shovel that dug the Panama Canal

    Lloyd Harkins, who spent his early years working in Montana mines, now devotes himself to salvaging and collecting the industrial paraphernalia of hardrock mining, from ore cars to a 78-ft. tall head frame.

  • Miners and Montana were too cozy

    In his own words, former water-quality enforcer Kevin Keenan criticizes the state of Montana for its favoring of the mining industry.

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