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  • Mines must clean up their mess

    Arizona orders copper companies to clean up mining contamination near the small towns of Globe and Miami.

  • EPA to ASARCO: Time to pay

    The EPA fines ASARCO $62 million with most of the money going to clean up a copper mine in Ray, Ariz., and a smelter in East Helena, Mont.

  • A scarlet "A' for ASARCO?

    ASARCO's plans to mine copper in Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains have been put on hold.

  • Greens and cowboys gang up on a mine

    A copper mine planned by ASARCO for southern Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains meets fierce opposition from local ranchers, retirees and environmentalists.

  • Genealogy of a mining company

    Tracing Summo USA's family tree can be challenging, since it is wholly owned by Summo Minerals, a Canadian company, which does nothing but own its American company.

  • A mine turns two landowners into activists

    In their own words, Kay Howe and Claudia Akers discuss how their homesteading in Utah's Lisbon Valley turned them into anti-mining activists.

  • A fruit-grower opposes mining - and tourism

    In his own words, orchardist Estevan Arellano speaks of querencia - love of home - and how it is threatened by Summo's planned copper mine.

  • On the trail of mining's corporate nomads

    The copper mining company Summo USA's plans to mine in northern New Mexico and Lisbon Valley, Utah, lead a reporter to follow what happens when local communities resist - and don't resist - a hardrock mining project.

  • Copper mine rouses opposition

    Carlota Copper Co.'s plan to dredge and fill Arizona's Pinto Creek in a mining operation leads to strong opposition throughout the state.

  • This trip's to the pits

    ASARCO Inc. is offering tours of its giant Mission Mine near Tucson, Ariz.

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