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  • Quincy experiment to begin

    The Quincy Library Group sees its controversial forest plan put into action when the Forest Service doubles logging on California's Plumas, Lassen and Tahoe national forests while protecting habitat for the northern spotted owl.

  • Quincy Library Group bars outsiders

    The consensus-based Quincy Library Group has decided to hold some of its meetings behind closed doors, to prevent what members describe as "disruptions" from opponents of the group's controversial forest plan.

  • A sampling of the West's collaborative efforts

    A directory of some Western consensus groups is followed by a bibliography of consensus-building materials.

  • Everyone helps a California forest - except the Forest Service

    The Quincy Library Group of Plumas County, Calif., has won much approval nationally and yet finds itself having to battle the Forest Serivce on its own ground.

  • Bringing back grizzlies splits environmentalists

    What seems on the surface to be a successful consensus effort to restore grizzlies to central Idaho and western Montana has provoked a bitter split among Northern Rockies environmentalists many of whom believe the plan will harm bears rather than help.

  • A progressive commissioner takes the heat

    Montezuma County Commissioner and Colorado rancher Tom Colbert proves himself an independent and determined thinker.

  • A Colorado county tries a novel approach: work the system

    County commissioners, forest rangers and other Montezuma County residents begin to come together to find a way to manage their public lands.

  • Idaho learns to share two rivers

    The Henry's Fork Watershed Council's struggle created a plan to share and save Idaho's Henry's Fork and Falls rivers.

  • Some not-so-easy steps to successful collaboration

    Mediator Gerald Mueller of Missoula, Mont., names ingredients necessary for successful consensus groups.

  • The skeptic: Collaboration has its limits

    Sierra Club chairman Michael McCloskey raises doubts about consensus groups - and explores the harm they may cause.

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