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  • Making a killing to save Arizona's desert bighorn sheep

    In order to save bighorn sheep, wildlife officials kill a mountain lion, and more sheep.

  • Wolf at the door

    Wolves have been restored in the Northern Rockies, but their conflict with civilization now prompts wildlife managers to face some agonizing decisions about the animal's future.

  • Bison under the gun - again

    Following the killing of 170 bison outside Yellowstone last winter, the Buffalo Field Campaign is suing the Montana Dept. of Livestock and the Forest Service, alleging violations of the Endangered Species Act.

  • Environmentalists challenge aerial gunning program

    In Colorado, environmentalists are calling for a halt to the aerial gunning of coyotes until its effects on wildlife can be studied.

  • Poison traps kill unintended victims

    After an M-44 cyanide trap put on their land by a government trapper kills the family dog, Paul and Lee-Ann Wright sue the federal government.

  • Wolff campaigns for wolves

    Pat Wolff's multi-media presentation, "Stop the War on Wildlife," aims to convince audiences that government predator control is "wasteful, biologically unsound and not cost-effective."

  • Predator control gets out of control

    A plan by the Animal Damage Control Agency (recently renamed Wildlife Services) would allow coyotes to be shot from helicopters, even if the animals are not bothering livestock.

  • Predator control: more pain than gain

    A survey in Montana shows that predators account for just 2.2 percent of all cattle losses in the state in 1995.

  • Survival of a trickster

    Todd Wilkinson's "Track of the Coyote" praises the predator's intelligence and adaptability.

  • Agency chooses death

    A report by the General Accounting Office shows that killing is the most frequent method for controlling predators used by the federal government.

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