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Whitewater trespass November 26, 1982

Whitewater trespass

Whitewater enthusiasts who ignore the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling that prohibits floating across private land are guilty of third degree criminal trespass.

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Running the Rockies' wild and scenic rivers November 12, 1982

Running the Rockies' wild and scenic rivers

The Reagan administration has sent Congress a list of rivers it recommends for inclusion in the Nation Wild and Scenic Rivers System, the first time in four years that any rivers outside of Alaska have been recommended.

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Winding up in Medicine Bow October 29, 1982

Winding up in Medicine Bow

A Bureau of Reclamation wind turbine demonstration project in Wyoming may show the future promise of wind power.

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The Best and Worst of the West in Congress October 15, 1982

The Best and Worst of the West in Congress

A special issue on Rocky Mountain politics, including a review of the West's congressional delegates, a state-by-state summary of political issues, and more.

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A talk with James Watt October 01, 1982

A talk with James Watt

An HCN exclusive interview with Interior Secretary James Watt during a visit to Lander, Wyo.

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Rain, rain, go away September 17, 1982

Rain, rain, go away

Acid rain, which could be exacerbated by oil and gas development, is harming lakes in Colorado and elsewhere in the West.

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Idaho's $10 an acre 'dream land' September 03, 1982

Idaho's $10 an acre 'dream land'

The Bureau of Land Management is again processing homestead applications authorized by the Desert Land Act, which has long been used to claim marginal farmland in Idaho.

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Gas sours wildlife in Wyoming August 20, 1982

Gas sours wildlife in Wyoming

Wildlife killed by poisonous hydrogen sulfide-laden "sour gas" leaking from a natural gas well raises concerns about future oil and gas drilling in Wyoming.

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Ferrets: The prognosis is good July 23, 1982

Ferrets: The prognosis is good

Outside Meeteetse, Wyo., the debate has shifted from whether black-footed ferrets exist to how to ensure their survival.

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Appropriate Technology July 09, 1982

Appropriate Technology

A special issue with articles on Reagan's energy policies, the Montana's National Center for Appropriate Technology, and solar power.

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A $40 million pork barrel June 25, 1982

A $40 million pork barrel

The water bill passed by Wyoming's 1982 Legislature is being criticized by environmental groups, who say it lacks comprehensive, long-term water planning.

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A Midwestern water OPEC June 12, 1982

A Midwestern water OPEC

As the Midwest demands Western coal, the West eyes the Midwest's bountiful water, brewing lively political rhetoric and difficult questions in the Midwest.

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The price of prosperity May 28, 1982

The price of prosperity

A special issue on boom and bust in Wyoming, with articles on troubled ranch subsidies, transport of hazardous materials, and construction of a giant coal-fired power plant.

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Coyote: Predator and Prometheus May 14, 1982

Coyote: Predator and Prometheus

Coyotes continue to survive and adapt, despite decades of efforts to exterminate them.

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Using the best guess April 30, 1982

Using the best guess

It's been five years since Congress passed the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act requiring coal companies to reclaim strip-mines, but the science and methods of reclamation are still being developed.

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The Big Secret: Highly toxic pesticides in the Rockies April 16, 1982

The Big Secret: Highly toxic pesticides in the Rockies

A special issue on agriculture, with articles on agriculture economics, soil erosion and the secrecy surrounding the use of pesticides in Rocky Mountain states.

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Denver: Power center of the Rockies April 02, 1982

Denver: Power center of the Rockies

Despite becoming the bustling hub of the West's energy boom, Denver is tied to an outside business elite, and remains a secondary center of power whose major role consists of dominating more exploited regions of the interior.

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Wilderness on the rocks March 19, 1982

Wilderness on the rocks

Environmentalists oppose bills, supported by snowmobiling and timber interests, that would establish more wilderness in Montana and Wyoming.

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Pine beetles munch on, policies differ March 05, 1982

Pine beetles munch on, policies differ

Forest managers are responding to the mountain pine beetle epidemic, which is killing trees across the Rocky Mountain region, with an environmentally-based method called "integrated pest management."

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Feds study nuke dump near Canyonlands February 19, 1982

Feds study nuke dump near Canyonlands

A special issue on Utah, with articles on a proposed nuclear waste disposal facility near Canyonlands National Park, illegal workers, a controversial land swap, and Utah Governor Scott Matheson.

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Wild game on the table today, none on the range tomorrow? February 05, 1982

Wild game on the table today, none on the range tomorrow?

Questionable hunting practices on the Wind River Indian Reservation raise issues about tribal autonomy and wildlife management.

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Juggling wildlife and 'other needs' January 22, 1982

Juggling wildlife and 'other needs'

Is U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service head Robert Jantzen cutting an already undernourished budget and favoring ranching interests over wildlife in his predator control and grazing policies?

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Surviving winter in the Rockies January 08, 1982

Surviving winter in the Rockies

A special winter issue with articles on snowmobiling in national parks, avalanche know-how and swow camping.

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Uranium tomorrow December 11, 1981

Uranium tomorrow

Many domestic uranium producers fear that even if the market revived, a flood of foreign uranium could smother the future of the domestic industry.

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Colorado at the Crossroads November 27, 1981

Colorado at the Crossroads

A special issue on Colorado, with articles on the oil shale boom on Battlement Mesa, dueling small-town newspapers, Colorado politics, and Denver's waster policy.

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