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The Dust Detectives December 22, 2014

The Dust Detectives

New research from dust experts, non-native goats in the La Sal Mountains, new drone laws, Navajo Nation presidential election and more.

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The Great Salmon Compromise December 08, 2014

The Great Salmon Compromise

A massive compromise to save Columbia Basin salmon, Gunnison sage grouse gets protection, pet tortoises still threaten wild ones, and a fresh look at wolves’ impacts on Yellowstone.

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Transportation Transformation November 24, 2014

Transportation Transformation

How light rail could transform Phoenix, the man who invented floating island to revive an ecosystem, and the tough questions that crude-filled trains raise in the Pacific Northwest.

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Fallout November 10, 2014


Timberland herbicide spraying sickens a community in Oregon, a look at why the current drilling boom is more sensitive to price fluctuations than its predecessors, California's sweeping new groundwater regulations, a desert-friendly cow and more.

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Defuse the West October 27, 2014

Defuse the West

An HCN investigation into violent threats to public-land employees, analysis of the newest movement to return public land management to state government, highlights of the upcoming midterm elections and more.

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Charles Bowden's Fury October 13, 2014

Charles Bowden's Fury

A profile of the late Charles Bowden, the Southwest's strongest voice. Plus, utilities experiment with real-time response in the Pacific Northwest, and an obsessive flash flood chaser improves forecasting in Utah.

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Books & Essays September 15, 2014

Books & Essays

Our annual Books & Essays special issue is out, packed with feature essays, author profiles, new books and a fall reading list.

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Lost in the Woods September 01, 2014

Lost in the Woods

The Forest Service struggles with its biggest restoration project yet, fireflies are rediscovered in Utah, California drought and more.

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Alaska's Uncertain Food Future August 18, 2014

Alaska's Uncertain Food Future

Climate change threatens food security in parts of Alaska, Colorado’s fracking fight, prickly pears are farmed in California, a coal mine expansion is halted in a surprising climate court case, and more.

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Idaho's Sewer System August 04, 2014

Idaho's Sewer System

The Snake River is used as a sewer system for Big Ag in Idaho, temperature predictions for Western cities in 2100, women in the legislature and potential protection for wolverines in an era of climate change.

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On the Wild Edge July 21, 2014

On the Wild Edge

Reflections on wilderness at 50, Craig Childs riding with motorheads in Utah, and what a historic moment for the Clean Air Act means for climate.

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River of No Return June 23, 2014

River of No Return

A close look at Seattle’s embattled Duwamish Waterway and the superfund cleanup that has the chance to bring it back to life, tribes get in the payday lending game, divers explore underwater national park treasures, and more.

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Border Out of Control June 09, 2014

Border Out of Control

National security runs roughshod over the Arizona desert, a radioactive leak in New Mexico makes the future of nuclear waste disposal even more elusive, wolverines, brine shrimp, and more.

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The Great Gun Rights Divide May 26, 2014

The Great Gun Rights Divide

A liberal gun owner finds 'gun nuts' on both sides of the debate, an excerpt from Julene Bair's book 'The Ogallala Road,' state and federal agencies feud over predator control in Alaska, California's water crisis, and more.

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Parks for All? May 12, 2014

Parks for All?

The National Park Service struggles to connect with a changing, and diverse, America. A Nevada rancher creates a Sagebrush Rebellion flare-up that’s particularly fierce. State wildlife agencies try to broaden funding sources as their duties and responsibilities expand.

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Two-Wheel Revolution April 28, 2014

Two-Wheel Revolution

A biking revolution in Gallup may bring new life to this sleepy town, a look at why dangerous places are often the most desirable to live in, discovery of a fish in Montana, and more.

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A landscape of surprises April 14, 2014

A landscape of surprises

A paralyzed athlete pushes the limits of adventure sports, a prime grizzly-watching spot, monster mosquitoes, travel horror stories and more from our third-annual Travel Issue.

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When California Kicks Coal March 17, 2014

When California Kicks Coal

As California kicks its coal habit, economies across the West feel ripple effects. The Navajo Nation digs into its coal economy, geoduck fishermen in the Pacific Northwest take a new tack, and more.

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Fallon’s deadly legacy March 03, 2014

Fallon’s deadly legacy

A small Nevada town struggles with a legacy of cancer, a Californian works to protect ancient petroglyphs in the face of solar development, the newly unendangered minnow, and more.

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The Gila $olution February 17, 2014

The Gila $olution

A grazing buyout program to ease tensions between ranchers and wolf advocates in New Mexico, Native American super heroes, a bacteria that could save bats and frogs from deadly disease, and more.

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The Hanford Whistleblowers February 03, 2014

The Hanford Whistleblowers

An extensive look at nuclear waste whistleblowers of ages past, what it means that rural communities get the short end of the stick with internet access, changes in the wilderness therapy industry, and more.

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Building a More Sustainable West, One City at a Time January 20, 2014

Building a More Sustainable West, One City at a Time

In HCN’s second annual issue dedicated to the future of the West, we take a special look at urban sustainability. Packed with facts, figures, and uncommon narratives, this issue includes stories of new and surprising sustainability initiatives in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and more.

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Beauty or Beast December 23, 2013

Beauty or Beast

Eucalyptus trees continue to push out California natives and stir controversy over where exotic species belong. Plus, Utahans respond to EPA vehicle emissions restrictions, a New Mexican’s love of figs, and more.

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The Tree Coroners December 09, 2013

The Tree Coroners

To save the West’s forests, scientists must first learn how trees die.

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Ecosystems 101 November 25, 2013

Ecosystems 101

Research reveals the complexity of the Bristol Bay ecosystem and of Alaska’s mighty salmon runs. Plus, Montana tribes will be the first to own a hydroelectric dam, an Oklahoma senator offers a financial fix for our national treasures, and more.

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