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Fractured February 22, 2016


In the West's argument over fracking, it matters less what's said than who says it. Plus, a dry future for Central Valley farming and new research into the past comes from packrat middens.

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Sagebrush Insurgency February 02, 2016

Sagebrush Insurgency

Meet the new Sagebrush insurgents, a well-connected and well-armed network of malcontents bent on delegitimizing the federal government. Plus, how a landmark water agreement fell apart, and the legal case for climate action.

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The Forever War January 25, 2016

The Forever War

Why Wildlife Services continues to kill predators, despite decades of research on nonlethal methods. Plus, how the public could pay for coal cleanup and a look at Malheur's quieter moments.

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Secrets of the Deep December 21, 2015

Secrets of the Deep

The researchers digging up mysteries of the ocean in Nevada's desert, plus death by cop and gun control in the West. Cover illustration: Shonisaurus popularis and Californosaurus perrini, depicted by Boise illustrator Todd Marshall.

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Good Neighbors December 07, 2015

Good Neighbors

Why researchers are studying a group of Southwestern ranchers to learn about sharing, plus a look at the long road to protected habitat for the murrelet and the West's disappearing fire lookouts.

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Water Hustle November 23, 2015

Water Hustle

Meet the men on trial for profiting off the Southwest's drought in the latest issue of High Country News. Plus, the architects redesigning L.A. and the attorneys general taking things into their own hands.

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The Campaign Against Coal November 09, 2015

The Campaign Against Coal

D.C. correspondent Elizabeth Shogren travels through coal country to find where ‘keep it in the ground’ meets ‘keep the lights on.’ Plus a look at El Niño in the West, oil and gas compromises in Moab and more.

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Clean Energy's Dirty Secret October 26, 2015

Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

How industrial solar and wind are endangering wildlife, plus saving Washington’s wolves and a Colorado ranch that’s also an abbey.

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The Rise of Lisa Murkowski October 12, 2015

The Rise of Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski, the senator from Alaska, alternates between diplomat and bulldog in her rise to the top, plus the Pope on climate change, immigrants after the Front Range floods, and more.

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Close Ties in Big Landscapes September 14, 2015

Close Ties in Big Landscapes

Our special once-a-year Books and Essays issue, focusing on community and connection. Sarah Gilman finds that closeness means survival in the harsh, vast spaces of Mongolia as well as in the American West. Ana Maria Spagna describes how Maidu Indians came together to reclaim a sacred California valley from a utility company. Plus book reviews and profiles of authors like Erika T. Wurth, Mitchell S. Jackson and Lucia Berlin.

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Unlocking the Methane Mystery August 31, 2015

Unlocking the Methane Mystery

Senior editor Jonathan Thompson digs into the mysterious methane cloud above the Four Corners region, plus Montana farmers take on climate change and archaeologists try to save the Arctic’s disappearing treasures. Cover: Storm clouds hang over the natural gas processing plant at Lybrook, New Mexico, one of the centers of natural gas production in the Four Corners region. Photo by Jim Caffrey

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Little Big Bird August 17, 2015

Little Big Bird

How the greater sage grouse became the center of the largest experiment in the history of the Endangered Species Act, sea lions eating salmon, apiaries of non-native bees on federal lands, and more. Cover photo by Doug Dance Nature Photography

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Outflanked August 03, 2015


A series of stories about the way we think about wildfire in the West. Plus, a vanishing Rio Grande fish may foretell the river's fate; the Supreme Court wants the EPA to consider the costs of new regulations as well as health benefits; and more.

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Shredded July 20, 2015


SHREDDED: Will a growing, technologically evolved army of thrill seekers overrun every corner of the West? Cover Photo: Day seven of a hut-to-hut mountain biking trip from Telluride, Colorado, to Moab, Utah. By Sergio Ballivian

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Dust to Dust June 22, 2015

Dust to Dust

Why the rare earths industry is about to bust in the American West, fracking-induced earthquakes, revival of a Montana mining town, and the sage grouse two-step. Cover image: Massimo Brega/The Lighthouse/Science Source

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Tree of Life June 08, 2015

Tree of Life

How genetic research on common species could be the key to saving the greatest number of plants and animals. Also, a bull trout comeback, innovations in agricultural water leasing and an ode to morel hunting. Cover Image: Original illustration by Bryce Gladfelter.

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Monument Man May 25, 2015

Monument Man

A profile of Washington, DC, insider John Podesta, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and a contentious diversion on the Gila River.

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The Wetland Wars May 11, 2015

The Wetland Wars

Environmentalists battle to save urban wetlands in Los Angeles, an obscure legal provision becomes a new Sagebrush Rebellion tactic, and labor victories in Western cities.

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Lost frontier April 27, 2015

Lost frontier

Tucson rainwater revolution, the Bakken boom closes in on a national park, a look at the West’s drought, and more.

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Strangers in a Strange Land April 10, 2015

Strangers in a Strange Land

Strangers in a strange land: the HCN annual travel issue. Cover image: A giant aluminum alien stands outside the Alien Research Center along Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway, by Finnish tourist Teemu Tuuloskorpi.

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Wild Ride March 16, 2015

Wild Ride

Lessons from the fossil fuel boom and bust in New Mexico, rock snot stream ecology, water delivery in rural Navajo communities and more.

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Unite and Conquer March 02, 2015

Unite and Conquer

Profile of the former Las Vegas water czar Pat Mulroy, solutions to rampant dust in Owen’s River Valley, community solar comes of age in the West, and more.

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Chainsaw Diplomacy February 16, 2015

Chainsaw Diplomacy

A long-standing dispute in Utah’s Escalante watershed comes to a head, wastewater spills in North Dakota oilfields, a statistician looks at the future of the shale oil boom, and more.

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This Land is Their Land February 02, 2015

This Land is Their Land

Public land access problems frustrate hikers and hunters; why greens are mad at the California governor; how balanced rocks can help us predict earthquake risk; explorations in an urban wilderness.

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What Are We Thinking? January 12, 2015

What Are We Thinking?

A High Country News special issue on the future of environmental ideas.

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