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Got warriors? April 27, 2009

Got warriors?

On Wyoming's Wind River Reservation, Stanford Addison – a quadriplegic Northern Arapaho horse gentler – helps Indian boys through their difficult teenage years.

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The Desert That Breaks Annie Proulx’s Heart April 13, 2009

The Desert That Breaks Annie Proulx’s Heart

Writer Annie Proulx takes an unsentimental view of Wyoming’s little-known and somewhat scarred Red Desert.

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Innovate March 16, 2009


Westerners have a knack for new and innovative thinking, as this special issue of HCN shows.

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How low will it go? March 02, 2009

How low will it go?

If Eric Kuhn is right about the Colorado River, then the state faces a dry and difficult future of fighting for water.

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The Half-life of Memory February 16, 2009

The Half-life of Memory

A writer tries to dig up the buried history of Colorado’s Rocky Flats weapons plant, now home to a controversial wildlife refuge.

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Non-navigable River Blues February 02, 2009

Non-navigable River Blues

An obscure legal ruling muddied U.S. water-protection standards, leaving Western intermittent streams and rivers unprotected.

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Blood Quantum January 19, 2009

Blood Quantum

Blood quantum – the complicated system that determines membership in most American Indian tribes – could threaten the future survival of those tribes.

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What a mess December 22, 2008

What a mess

High Country News examines the Bush administration's effects on the Western environment and considers what can be done to heal the damage.

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Out in the cold December 08, 2008

Out in the cold

When Julene Bair sold the family farm, she severed her lifelong connections with a sense of place and her own childhood.

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Ultimate solution? November 21, 2008

Ultimate solution?

Southern California wants to use desalination to increase its water supply, but critics think the idea should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Still Howling Wolf November 10, 2008

Still Howling Wolf

Ranchers and environmentalists in Wyoming are still squabbling over wolves as the animal bounces on and off the endangered species list.

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Prophets and politics October 27, 2008

Prophets and politics

Type: The Mormon Church works to ban gay marriage in California, even as gay people in places like Rexburg, Idaho, come out of the LDS closet.

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Back to the future October 13, 2008

Back to the future

A long time ago, the earth warmed considerably; now, scientists study fossils to find out what happened – and what it might mean for us today.

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Reclaiming the low country September 09, 2008

Reclaiming the low country

Jared Farmer speaks in praise of Utah’s neglected “low country” landscapes – places like Utah Lake.

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Hot Wheels August 25, 2008

Hot Wheels

In the quest for the ultimate firefighting machine, the BLM in Nevada has turned to some very big, very strange, and very foreign vehicles: Unimogs from Germany and Tatras from the Czech Republic.

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Trouble in (Private) Paradise August 11, 2008

Trouble in (Private) Paradise

Steve and Marc Jenson have ambitious plans to turn a failed ski resort near Beaver, Utah, into a private enclave for the ultra-rich, but not everyone is thrilled about the idea.

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Hostile Takeover August 04, 2008

Hostile Takeover

Barred owls are driving threatened spotted owls out of their Northwest forest territory. Is it time to shoot them?

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A fractured party July 21, 2008

A fractured party

The Grand Old Party will either find a new life – or court self-destruction – in the West today, where moderates and hard-liners are battling over conservation issues.

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Peace on the Klamath June 23, 2008

Peace on the Klamath

For years, Native Americans, fishermen and farmers have battled over the Klamath River in southern Oregon and Northern California, but finally a complicated truce is in the works.

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Why the West needs Mythic Cowboys June 09, 2008

Why the West needs Mythic Cowboys

Jeffrey Lockwood believes that the modern West could use an infusion of old-fashioned Cowboy Mythology.

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On Cancer’s Trail May 26, 2008

On Cancer’s Trail

The women in Stefanie Raymond-Whish’s family have a history of breast cancer, and the young Navajo biologist wants to know whether the uranium on the reservation might have something to do with it.

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Boom! Boom! May 12, 2008

Boom! Boom!

An energy boom of unprecedented proportions is transforming western Colorado towns like Rifle, which just recently recovered from the last big energy boom – and a catastrophic bust.

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Pillaging the Past April 28, 2008

Pillaging the Past

Craig Childs explores the fine line that separates archeology from grave-robbing in the American Southwest.

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Taking to the Trees April 14, 2008

Taking to the Trees

After conquering rocks, trails and mountains, weekend warriors have found a new hobby: Climbing the West’s big trees.

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My Crazy Brother March 31, 2008

My Crazy Brother

Ray Ring takes a personal, painful look at the West’s suicidal tendencies, as shown in the life and death of his brother, John.

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