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Senator says he is shocked September 03, 1971

Senator says he is shocked

Senator Gale McGee warns of surprise and shock when full details of Wyoming's recent episodes of mass eagle killing -- allegedly conducted by helicopter -- are revealed to the public.

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Mines and power make impact August 20, 1971

Mines and power make impact

Coal mining and coal-fired power generation will have an enormous cumulative impact on the West. But the public -- getting news in bits and pieces without any meaningful reporting on the large-scale impact -- does not realize the full extent of what is happening.

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Timber study is released August 06, 1971

Timber study is released

An interdisciplinary panel, assembled in response to criticism of forest management in Wyoming, has recommended that wildlife, recreation, and scenic quality be considered in every management decision on Wyoming's national forests.

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Eagles' deaths NOT vindicated July 23, 1971

Eagles' deaths NOT vindicated

The case of Wyoming's poisoned eagles took a bizarre turn when Van Irvine -- the sheep rancher from Casper, Wyo., who is charged on 29 counts of game violations -- asked for a no contest plea and was fined the absolute minimum on all charges.

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Wyoming Council meets ... new director named July 09, 1971

Wyoming Council meets ... new director named

Keith Becker, a former Navy pilot from Thermopolis, Wyo., has been named the new executive director of the Wyoming Outdoor Coordinating Council. He succeeds Tom Bell, director since 1967, who is stepping down to devote full time to editorship of High Country News.

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Eagles' deaths are vindicated June 25, 1971

Eagles' deaths are vindicated

The deaths of at least 50 eagles in Wyoming has led to the arrest of Van Irvine, a prominent Wyoming stockman who is now being charged with 28 game violations.

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Primitive area reviewed June 11, 1971

Primitive area reviewed

The Glacier Primitive Area in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains will be the subject of an upcoming public hearing, part of the wilderness review process specified by the 1964 Wilderness Act.

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Eagle death toll mounts ... poison found May 28, 1971

Eagle death toll mounts ... poison found

The latest toll of golden and bald eagles reported dead in Wyoming now stands at 43. Twenty-three of those eagles are confirmed or suspected of being killed by poisons.

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Wyoming eagles die mysteriously May 14, 1971

Wyoming eagles die mysteriously

A tragedy involving America's symbol of freedom has struck in central Wyoming. Eleven bald eagles were found dead on the west end of Casper Mountain; five golden eagles were found dead, and another was partially paralyzed and near death.

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'Environmentalism' catches on in Big Sky Country April 30, 1971

'Environmentalism' catches on in Big Sky Country

The 1971 Montana legislature may go down in the record books as the session in which "environmentalism" finally caught on. Bills passed and signed into law include new hard rock mining reclamation laws, zoning provisions, tougher water pollution controls and more.

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Clear-cutting criticized April 16, 1971

Clear-cutting criticized

In hearings at the nation's capitol, Sen. Gale McGee called for a two-year moratorium on clear-cutting in national forests, underscoring the increased criticism that timber practices have come under in recent years.

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Dams may still go in Hells Canyon April 02, 1971

Dams may still go in Hells Canyon

The "prophets of progress" see the great, untamed section of the Snake River through Hells Canyon not as a thing of intrinsic value, but as a tragic waste of kilowatts.

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Montana is unique ... environment has real champion March 19, 1971

Montana is unique ... environment has real champion

Unlike in most states, the Montana environment has a real champion: Fish and Game Department head Frank Dunkle, who has fought Montana governor Forrest Anderson to a virtual standstill.

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Nebraska rivers being threatened March 05, 1971

Nebraska rivers being threatened

Most of Nebraska's rivers and streams are threatened and many may be destroyed or greatly altered within a few years, according to National Audubon Society representative Ron Klataske.

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Senator says forests are measured in board feet February 05, 1971

Senator says forests are measured in board feet

Wyoming Sen. Gale McGee has stated that management policies of National Forests must be redirected "away from short-range, short-sighted emphasis on timber cutting toward long-range protection of the entire spectrum of forest-related values."

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Governors outline many state problems January 22, 1971

Governors outline many state problems

Both Governor John Love of Colorado and Governor Cecil Andrus of Idaho have put environmental matters high on their list of priorities.

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Governors recognize environment issue January 08, 1971

Governors recognize environment issue

Governors Forrest Anderson of Montana and Stanley Hathaway of Wyoming -- neither of whom has outstanding environmental records -- have both declared the environment to be an important issue. The Era of the Environment must certainly have arrived.

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Citizens speak out, oppose dams on Green December 18, 1970

Citizens speak out, oppose dams on Green

Wyomingites turned out to comment on a proposed water development plan for the Green River. They were almost unanimous in speaking out against the environmentally destructive and economically prohibitive proposals.

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Skiing is great in Jackson Hole December 04, 1970

Skiing is great in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole sports the label of being the biggest ski area in the United States with its 4,135-foot vertical drop and its six square miles of ski country -- terrain for everyone, from beginner to "super skier."

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Yellowstone is winter Mecca November 20, 1970

Yellowstone is winter Mecca

For the first time, the road to the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park will be plowed, allowing snowmobile enthusiasts to visit new winter wonders.

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Environment not yet a strong election issue November 06, 1970

Environment not yet a strong election issue

The environment and environmental issues made some gains in this year's elections. But environmental conditions existing at present did not make much impact on most voters.

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Success slowed by lack of snow October 23, 1970

Success slowed by lack of snow

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, lack of snowfall in the high country has made hunting for deer and elk extremely tough.

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Eagle's Nest Wilderness is set for hearings October 09, 1970

Eagle's Nest Wilderness is set for hearings

The battle lines have been drawn between aroused outdoor citizens and the U.S. Forest Service over final boundaries of the proposed Eagle's Nest Wilderness in Colorado's Gore Range.

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Rock hunter's guide listed September 25, 1970

Rock hunter's guide listed

The "High Country" Rock Hunter's Guide is a current index to some of the finest rock hunting in the west. It was prepared especially for our readers who enjoy the sport of rock, mineral, fossil and artifact discovery.

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Banish those billboards? September 11, 1970

Banish those billboards?

Billboards aren't as pretty as trees, rolling prairie, lakes or mountains. In fact most of them are downright ugly. A rather sad fact is that some of the very same manufacturers, companies and organizations that are currently preaching for the environment are the biggest boosters for the tinseled, artificial landscape.

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