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Governors outline many state problems January 22, 1971

Governors outline many state problems

Both Governor John Love of Colorado and Governor Cecil Andrus of Idaho have put environmental matters high on their list of priorities.

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Governors recognize environment issue January 08, 1971

Governors recognize environment issue

Governors Forrest Anderson of Montana and Stanley Hathaway of Wyoming -- neither of whom has outstanding environmental records -- have both declared the environment to be an important issue. The Era of the Environment must certainly have arrived.

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Citizens speak out, oppose dams on Green December 18, 1970

Citizens speak out, oppose dams on Green

Wyomingites turned out to comment on a proposed water development plan for the Green River. They were almost unanimous in speaking out against the environmentally destructive and economically prohibitive proposals.

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Skiing is great in Jackson Hole December 04, 1970

Skiing is great in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole sports the label of being the biggest ski area in the United States with its 4,135-foot vertical drop and its six square miles of ski country -- terrain for everyone, from beginner to "super skier."

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Yellowstone is winter Mecca November 20, 1970

Yellowstone is winter Mecca

For the first time, the road to the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park will be plowed, allowing snowmobile enthusiasts to visit new winter wonders.

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Environment not yet a strong election issue November 06, 1970

Environment not yet a strong election issue

The environment and environmental issues made some gains in this year's elections. But environmental conditions existing at present did not make much impact on most voters.

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Success slowed by lack of snow October 23, 1970

Success slowed by lack of snow

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, lack of snowfall in the high country has made hunting for deer and elk extremely tough.

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Eagle's Nest Wilderness is set for hearings October 09, 1970

Eagle's Nest Wilderness is set for hearings

The battle lines have been drawn between aroused outdoor citizens and the U.S. Forest Service over final boundaries of the proposed Eagle's Nest Wilderness in Colorado's Gore Range.

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Rock hunter's guide listed September 25, 1970

Rock hunter's guide listed

The "High Country" Rock Hunter's Guide is a current index to some of the finest rock hunting in the west. It was prepared especially for our readers who enjoy the sport of rock, mineral, fossil and artifact discovery.

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Banish those billboards? September 11, 1970

Banish those billboards?

Billboards aren't as pretty as trees, rolling prairie, lakes or mountains. In fact most of them are downright ugly. A rather sad fact is that some of the very same manufacturers, companies and organizations that are currently preaching for the environment are the biggest boosters for the tinseled, artificial landscape.

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Timber article publicized August 28, 1970

Timber article publicized

The controversial article "Your Forest - Their Timber," which appears in the current issue of the Colorado-Rocky Mountain West magazine, has been entered into the Congressional Record by Montana Senator Lee Metcalf.

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Antelope under gun; one-shot scheduled August 14, 1970

Antelope under gun; one-shot scheduled

This year's hunting season in Wyoming will start off with a bang on Sept. 5. The state's most popular game animal, the pronghorn antelope, will come under fire for the first time this year in the Chain Lakes and Table Rock areas.

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Green River damned? July 31, 1970

Green River damned?

The state of Wyoming has proposed building reservoirs on the upper Green River that would submerge many miles of free-flowing, blue-ribbon trout stream and winter wildlife range.

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Frontier Days slated July 17, 1970

Frontier Days slated

Cheyenne Frontier Days, "the Daddy of 'em All," busts out in all its glory next week. Six full, action-packed days will feature championship rodeo, parades, Indian dances, free chuckwagon breakfasts, and more.

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Rendezvous tells of trapping days June 26, 1970

Rendezvous tells of trapping days

The Green River Rendezvous at Pinedale, Wyoming, annually commemorates the legendary get-together of mighty men who trapped beaver and broke trails across the West.

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Wyoming stockmen want payments for game feed June 19, 1970

Wyoming stockmen want payments for game feed

Wyoming stockmen who graze their livestock on millions of acres of public lands want compensation for game animals grazing on their private lands.

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McGee calls for forest study June 12, 1970

McGee calls for forest study

Wyoming Sen. Gale McGee has commissioned a thorough and independent study of U.S. Forest Service timber management policies in Wyoming's national forests.

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Laramie is gem city of the plains June 05, 1970

Laramie is gem city of the plains

Laramie, Wyoming, named for an ill-fated French trapper, lies on rolling plains surrounded by mountains and lakes full of big trout.

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TV program will expose mining May 29, 1970

TV program will expose mining

"In Which We Live," an NBC-TV program on the environment, will feature an area in central Wyoming. The program will show the effects of uncontrolled mining activity on the public lands.

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Wyoming meet called success May 22, 1970

Wyoming meet called success

Wyoming's First Environmental Congress was termed a success by many leading Wyoming conservationists.

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Yellowstone Park roads are open May 15, 1970

Yellowstone Park roads are open

The South and East entrance roads into Yellowstone National Park opened to the public on May 6, delayed from the traditional May 1 opening by unseasonably heavy snowfall in late April.

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Dubois claims to be world rock capitol May 08, 1970

Dubois claims to be world rock capitol

Dubois, Wyoming, which attracts rockhounds from near and far, is a leading contender for rock capitol of the world.

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Special anniversary issue May 01, 1970

Special anniversary issue

This is the first anniversary for High Country News, formerly called Camping News Weekly. Though still a fledgling, we have come a long way. We have tried to make our anniversary issue a little bit special. We feature our own home town, not only because we like it but because it is rather typical of the West.

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Park fish protected April 24, 1970

Park fish protected

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Jack K. Anderson has announced several major changes in the fishing regulations for the park, a response to heavy angling pressure.

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Special issue: Earth Day April 17, 1970

Special issue: Earth Day

The environmental issues surrounding Earth Day are nothing new to us. But we wanted to join millions of others in celebrating what is hopefully a new direction in the destiny of our planet. We will continue to tell people about the beauty of the Rocky Mountain region, its clean air, clear streams, wide-open spaces, and friendly atmosphere.

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