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Storm brews over Utah May 12, 1972

Storm brews over Utah

The Bureau of Reclamation faces off with local opponents over a proposed dam that would inundate China Meadows, a choice spot in Utah's Uinta Mountains.

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National Parks - what future? April 28, 1972

National Parks - what future?

The centennial of the establishment of Yellowstone National Park is a time to assess how the national parks can be made an even more meaningful part of our personal lives, especially because they are today under siege from various quarters.

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Huge new complex proposed April 14, 1972

Huge new complex proposed

Reynolds Metals Co. has announced a proposal to build a uranium enrichment plant near Buffalo, Wyo., that would cost at least $2.2 billion.

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Aquatic deserts on the march March 31, 1972

Aquatic deserts on the march

The portion of the Logan River in Utah's Cache Valley was a brown trout haven -- until the Army Corps of Engineers dredged the stream for flood control, removing much of the vegetation that provided ideal habitat.

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Last chance for wilderness March 17, 1972

Last chance for wilderness

The Wilderness Act set a 1974 deadline for considering all remaining primitive and roadless areas for wilderness designation, and as that deadline approaches, controversy is stirring in the Rocky Mountains about how to treat those wild lands.

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Justice is prostituted! Is Werner to go free? March 03, 1972

Justice is prostituted! Is Werner to go free?

It has now been seven months since helicopter pilot James Vogan went before a Senate subcommittee and revealed the illegal deaths of hundreds of eagles on Herman Werners's Wyoming ranch -- what has happened to justice?

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Montana air bartered February 18, 1972

Montana air bartered

Montana Governor Forrest Anderson effectively sabotaged that state's air pollution program by refusing to sign the proposed implementation of federal standards.

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Game herds threatened February 04, 1972

Game herds threatened

Big game herds, hit with the harsh winter of 1971-72 and faced with steady shrinkage of winter range, continue to decline.

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Timber industry "calls shots" January 21, 1972

Timber industry "calls shots"

Senator Gale McGee, D-Wyo., responding to news that President Nixon has killed a proposed executive order aimed at tighter regulation of clear cutting on public lands, has charged that "large timber interests continue to call the shots for the Nixon Administration on national forest management policies."

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Huge power complex planned January 07, 1972

Huge power complex planned

The power industry could build at least five 10,000-megawatt coal-fired power plants in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming, with staggering social, economic and environmental implications.

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Stripmining is "warfare" December 24, 1971

Stripmining is "warfare"

As giant energy companies obtain federal leases to mine coal over vast areas of the West, Senator Gaylord Nelson is leading an effort to halt stripmining's "environmental warfare on our own country."

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Desert study is released December 10, 1971

Desert study is released

Conservationists are hailing the release of the Bureau of Land Management's recommendations for management in central Wyoming's Red Desert, which include limiting mining and fencing and establishing a new primitive area.

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Wild horses rounded up November 26, 1971

Wild horses rounded up

The Bureau of Land Management is systematically thinning wild horses from the Pryor Mountains of Montana and Wyoming to provide more food and space for those that remain.

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Calls for halt in coal leases November 12, 1971

Calls for halt in coal leases

Sen. Gaylord Nelson is pressing for a moratorium on federal permits and leases for coal strip mining on public lands until environmental reviews have been made.

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Ranch sprays sage October 29, 1971

Ranch sprays sage

Wyoming's Diamond Ring Ranch has again made the news for illegal activity, this time for unauthorized spraying of sagebrush on some 4,000 acres of public land.

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Mike Frome 'expurgated' October 15, 1971

Mike Frome 'expurgated'

The sure, incisive pen of one of America's foremost conservation writers has been censored from the pages of American Forests, the official magazine of the American Forestry Association.

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Hells Canyon moratorium October 01, 1971

Hells Canyon moratorium

A seven-year moratorium on dam-building in the Hell's Canyon of the Middle Snake River in Idaho would help to protect the river, but it would not stave off logging, mining, off-road vehicles, or development that could preclude future public access.

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Teton Dam controversial, review is needed September 17, 1971

Teton Dam controversial, review is needed

Conservationists continue to battle against proposals for the Lower Teton Dam, which would become simply another of the engineering feats -- but environmental disasters -- promulgated by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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Senator says he is shocked September 03, 1971

Senator says he is shocked

Senator Gale McGee warns of surprise and shock when full details of Wyoming's recent episodes of mass eagle killing -- allegedly conducted by helicopter -- are revealed to the public.

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Mines and power make impact August 20, 1971

Mines and power make impact

Coal mining and coal-fired power generation will have an enormous cumulative impact on the West. But the public -- getting news in bits and pieces without any meaningful reporting on the large-scale impact -- does not realize the full extent of what is happening.

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Timber study is released August 06, 1971

Timber study is released

An interdisciplinary panel, assembled in response to criticism of forest management in Wyoming, has recommended that wildlife, recreation, and scenic quality be considered in every management decision on Wyoming's national forests.

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Eagles' deaths NOT vindicated July 23, 1971

Eagles' deaths NOT vindicated

The case of Wyoming's poisoned eagles took a bizarre turn when Van Irvine -- the sheep rancher from Casper, Wyo., who is charged on 29 counts of game violations -- asked for a no contest plea and was fined the absolute minimum on all charges.

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Wyoming Council meets ... new director named July 09, 1971

Wyoming Council meets ... new director named

Keith Becker, a former Navy pilot from Thermopolis, Wyo., has been named the new executive director of the Wyoming Outdoor Coordinating Council. He succeeds Tom Bell, director since 1967, who is stepping down to devote full time to editorship of High Country News.

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Eagles' deaths are vindicated June 25, 1971

Eagles' deaths are vindicated

The deaths of at least 50 eagles in Wyoming has led to the arrest of Van Irvine, a prominent Wyoming stockman who is now being charged with 28 game violations.

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Primitive area reviewed June 11, 1971

Primitive area reviewed

The Glacier Primitive Area in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains will be the subject of an upcoming public hearing, part of the wilderness review process specified by the 1964 Wilderness Act.

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